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show interfaces (Channelized STM1 IQ)



Release Information

Command introduced before Junos OS Release 7.4.


(M Series and T Series routers only) Display status information about the specified channelized STM1 IQ interface.


type-fpc/pic/port:channel:channelInterface type with optional corresponding channel levels. The interface type can be one of the following types:
  • type-fpc/pic/port:channel—For the physical channelized STM1 IQ interface, type is cstm1. For the clear channel, type is so. For channelization, the  STM1 IQ interface must be converted to interface type cau4.

  • type-fpc/pic/port:channel—At the first level of channelization, type can be ce1 or e1 ( clear channel or fractional channel from cau4).

  • type-fpc/pic/port:channel:channel—At the second level of channelization, type is ds (from ce1).

brief | detail | extensive | terse(Optional) Display the specified level of output.
descriptions(Optional) Display interface description strings.
media(Optional) Display media-specific information about network interfaces.
snmp-index snmp-index(Optional) Display information for the specified SNMP index of the interface.
statistics(Optional) Display static interface statistics.

Required Privilege Level


List of Sample Output

show interfaces (Channelized STM1 IQ) (Physical)

show interfaces (Channelized AU-4) (Physical)

show interfaces (Channelized E1) (Physical)

show interfaces (DS)

Output Fields

See the output field table for the show interfaces (Channelized STM1) command.

Sample Output

show interfaces (Channelized STM1 IQ) (Physical)

user@host> show interfaces cstm1-0/0/0

show interfaces (Channelized AU-4) (Physical)

user@host> show interfaces cau4-0/0/0

show interfaces (Channelized E1) (Physical)

user@host> show interfaces ce1-0/0/0:11

show interfaces (DS)

user@host> show interfaces ds-0/0/0:11:1