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request system shutdown (halt | power-off | reboot)



Release Information

Statement introduced in Junos OS Evolved Release 18.3R1.


Halt, power-off, or reboot the entire system.


(at time | in minutes)(Optional) Specify when the action is performed, either in time, in hh:mm format, or in number of minutes.
(halt | power-off | reboot)Halt, power-off, or reboot the entire system.
  • halt instructs the hardware to stop all CPU functions but leaves the system in a powered-on state. This usually means someone has to shut down the machine manually by pressing the power button afterwards.

  • poweroff stops the CPU but also sends an ACPI hardware signal which instructs the system to commence with a complete and immediate shutdown. This is roughly equivalent to pressing the power button on a typical desktop computer.

  • reboot reboots the system.

message message(Optional) Message to display to all users.

Required Privilege Level