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request system personality-file save



Release Information

Command introduced in Junos OS Release 17.4R1 for QFX Series switches.


Create a personality-file tarball on a specified remote server. You can use the personality file to quickly bring a replacement switch online if a current switch in your network has a hardware failure.


absolute-path-of-destinationAbsolute location on the remote server where the tarball will be stored.
destination-server-ipIP address of the remote server where the tarball will be stored. P address of the remote server from which the tarball is to be fetched. Ensure that the IP address is reachable from your switching network.
personality-file-nameName of the tarball to be created and saved.
protocolType of file transfer protocol to be used to transfer the personality tarball to the remote server—for example, SCP, TFTP, or FTP.

Required Privilege Level