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request security pki generate-certificate-request



Release Information

Command introduced in Junos OS Release 7.5.


Manually generate a local digital certificate request in the Public-Key Cryptography Standards #10 (PKCS-10) format.


certificate-id certificate-id-nameName of the local digital certificate and the public/private key pair.
domain-name domain-nameFully qualified domain name (FQDN). The FQDN provides the identity of the certificate owner for Internet Key Exchange (IKE) negotiations and provides an alternative to the subject name.
subject subject-distinguished-nameDistinguished name format that contains the common name, department, company name, state, and country:
  • CN—Common name

  • OU—Organizational unit name

  • O—Organization name

  • ST—State

  • C—Country

email email-address(Optional) E-mail address of the certificate holder.
filename (path | terminal)(Optional) Location where the local digital certificate request should be placed or the login terminal.
ip-address ip-address(Optional) IP address of the router.

Required Privilege Level


List of Sample Output

request security pki generate-certificate-request

Output Fields

When you enter this command, you are provided feedback on the status of your request.

Sample Output

request security pki generate-certificate-request

user@host> request security pki generate-certificate-request certificate-id local-entrust2 domain-name filename entrust-req2 subject