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show virtual-network-functions



Release Information

Command introduced in Junos OS Release 17.2R1.


Display the list of guest network functions (GNFs) along with their IDs, status and availability.


all-serversDisplay the details of the GNFs on both the servers.
serverDisplay the details of the GNFs on one specific server. Applicable value is 0 or 1.
vnf-nameDisplay additional details of a particular GNF. You can use the detail option to view the detailed output. For example, show virtual-network-functions gnf1 detail.
vnf-xml-profileDisplays the xml profile of a GNF.

Required Privilege Level


Output Fields

Table 1 lists the output fields for the show virtual-network-functions command.

Table 1: show virtual network functions Output Fields

Field Name

Field Description


The ID associated with the VNF.


Name of the VNF.


Status of the VNF.

  • Running—The VNF is online and running.

  • Shut off—The VNF is in the shut down state.


Indicates the availability of VNF.

  • Up

  • Down


Name of the VNF.

IP Address

IP address of the VNF.


Status of a particular VNF.

  • Running—The VNF is online and running.

  • Shut off—The VNF is in the shut down state.


Number of cores in the VNF.


The VNF memory.

Resource Template

The resource template associated with a VNF.

Qemu Process id

Qemu process ID.

VNF CPU Utilization and Allocation Information

Shows the GNF CPU utilization details. See also: show system cpu (JDM).

VNF Memory Information

Displays the following memory information about the GNFs:

  • Name—GNF name.

  • Resident—The memory used by the GNFs.

  • Actual—Actual memory.

VNF Storage Information

Displays the following guest network function (GNF) storage information:

  • Directories—Names of the directories.

  • Size—Total storage size.

  • Used—Storage used.

VNF Interfaces Statistics

Shows the GNF interface statistics information. See also: show system network (JDM).

VNF Network Information

Shows the list of Physical Interfaces, Virtual Interfaces and MAC addresses.

Sample Output

show virtual-network-functions

user@jdm> show virtual-network-functions

Sample Output

show virtual-network-functions (for a specific VNF)

user@jdm> show virtual-network-functions gnf1

Sample Output

show virtual-network-functions <vnf-name> detail

user@jdm> show virtual-network-functions gnf1 detail

show virtual-network-functions <vnf-name> vnf-xml-profile

user@jdm> show virtual-network-functions gnf1 vnf-xml-profile