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    show virtual-network-functions vnf name detail


    show virtual-network-functions vnf-name detail

    Release Information

    Command introduced in Junos OS Release 17.4R1.


    Display the details of a specific VNF along with its IDs, status and availability.


    vnf-nameName of the particular guest network function (GNF) for which you want to view the detailed output.

    Required Privilege Level


    Output Fields

    Table 1 lists the output fields for the show virtual-network-functions vnf-name detail command.

    Table 1: show virtual network functions Output Fields

    Field Name

    Field Description

    VNF Information


    The ID associated with the VNF.


    Name of the VNF.


    Status of the VNF.

    • running—The VNF is online and running.
    • shut off—The VNF is in the shut down state.


    Indicates the availability of VNF.

    • Up
    • Down


    Name of the VNF.

    IP Address

    IP address of the VNF.


    Status of a particular VNF.

    • Running—The VNF is online and running.
    • Shut off—The VNF is in the shut down state.


    Number of cores in the VNF.


    The VNF memory.

    Resource Template

    The resource template associated with a VNF.

    Qemu Process id

    Qemu process ID.

    VNF CPU Utilization and Allocation Information

    Shows the GNF CPU utilization details. See also: show system cpu (JDM).

    VNF Memory Information

    Displays the following memory information about the GNFs:

    • Name—GNF name.
    • Resident—Real memory used as per actual resident pages of all mappings in the kernel or process map.
    • Actual—Actual memory.

    VNF Storage Information

    Displays the following guest network function (GNF) storage information:

    • Directories—Names of the directories.
    • Size—Total storage size.
    • Used—Storage used.

    VNF Interfaces Statistics

    Shows the GNF interface statistics information. See also: show system network (JDM).

    VNF Network Information

    Shows the list of Physical Interfaces, Virtual Interfaces and MAC addresses.

    Sample Output

    show virtual-network-functions <vnf-name> detail

    user@jdm> show virtual-network-functions gnf1 detail
    VNF Information
    ID                  1
    Name:               gnf1
    Status:             Running
    Liveness:           up
    IP Address:
    Cores:              2
    Memory:             16GB
    Resource Template:  2core-16g
    Qemu Process id:    20478
    SMBIOS version:     v1
    VNF Uptime: 206:09.58
    VNF CPU Utilization and Allocation Information
    GNF                                      CPU-Id(s)               Usage  Qemu Pid
    ---------------------------------------- ----------------------- -----  --------
    gnf1                                     10,11                   6.1%   20478
    VNF Memory Information
    Name                                             Actual Resident
    ------------------------------------------------ ------ --------
    gnf1                                             16.0G  15.5G
    VNF Storage Information
    Directory                                   Size   Used
    ------------------------------------------- ------ ------
    /vm-primary/gnf1                            50.2G  4.2G
    VNF Interfaces Statistics
    Interface                  Rcvd Bytes    Rcvd packets Rcvd Error Rcvd Drop Trxd bytes   Trxd Packets Trxd Error Trxd Drop
    -------------------------- ------------  ------------ ---------- --------- ------------ ------------ ---------- ---------
    macvtap0                   19077011      335687       0          0         261601960    3545272      0          0
    macvtap1                   99369778      689729       0          0         172763580    2786344      0          0
    vnet1                      24686         527          0          0         11620        250          0          0
    macvtap2                   428385        7405         0          0         861020752    10813152     0          0
    VNF Network Information
    Virtual Interface            Physical Interface    MAC
    --------------------------   ------------------    ----------------------------
    macvtap0                     ens3f0                00:85:49:54:cd:30
    macvtap1                     ens3f1                00:85:49:54:cd:31
    vnet1                        bridge_jdm_vm         00:85:49:54:cd:32
    macvtap2                     enp3s0f2              00:85:49:54:cd:33

    Modified: 2017-11-22