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Remove traffic mirroring for a subscriber. Mirroring of the existing subscriber is stopped. This DTCP message is supported for both FlowTapLite and radius-flow-tap services.


Consult the documentation for your mediation device to learn how to configure DTCP messages on the device.


Csource-ID: user-nameUsername on the router. This name must be configured on the router.
CRITERIA-ID: criteria-idID that DTCP assigns for the mirrored session when you create a DTCP ADD message. Use this ID in your DELETE messages to remove the intercept for a specific subscriber. To view the ID, use the DTCP LIST message. The CRITERIA-ID and the Cdest-ID are mutually exclusive in DELETE messages.
Cdest-ID: variableID of the mediation device. Use this ID in your DELETE messages to remove all mirroring sessions associated with a mediation device. The Cdest-ID and the CRITERIA-ID are mutually exclusive in DELETE messages.
Flags: flagSTATIC is the only flag supported.
Seq: sequence-numberNumber added by the mediation device. DTCP messages contain a monotonically increasing sequence number for each successive message.
Authentication-Info: ssh-authentication-stringString used when you are using SSH to connect to the router.

Required Privilege Level

Not applicable.

List of Sample Output


Sample Output

The following sample shows how to remove mirroring for a specific subscriber by using the CRITERIA-ID.