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clear interfaces aeX forwarding-options load-balance state



Release Information

Command introduced in Junos OS Release 13.2R1.


Clear the specified aggregate Ethernet interface load balancing state and re-create it newly. If the traffic flows become aged frequently, then the device needs to remove or refresh the load balancing states. As a result, you must configure rebalancing or run the clear command at periodic intervals for proper load-balancing. Otherwise, traffic skewing can occur.

If you observe load distribution to be not very effective, you can clear the load-balancing states or use rebalancing functionality to cause an automatic clearance of the hardware states. When you configure the rebalancing facility, traffic flows can get redirected to different links, which can cause packet reordering.


aeXName of a particular aggregated Ethernet interface.
logical-unit-numberNumber of the logical unit of the interface.
forwarding-options load-balance stateCause the load-balancing state to be cleared for the specific interface.

Required Privilege Level


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List of Sample Output

clear interfaces aeX aggregate forwarding-options

Sample Output

clear interfaces aeX aggregate forwarding-options

user@host> clear interfaces ae1 aggregate forwarding-options load-balance state