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Verifying That LACP Is Configured Correctly and Bundle Members Are Exchanging LACP Protocol Packets


Verify that LACP has been set up correctly and that the bundle members are transmitting LACP protocol packets.

Verifying the LACP Setup


Verify that the LACP has been set up correctly.


To verify that LACP has been enabled as active on one end:

user@switch>show lacp interfaces xe-0/0/0


This example shows that LACP has been configured with one side as active and the other as passive. When LACP is enabled, one side must be set as active in order for the bundled link to be up.

Verifying That LACP Packets Are Being Exchanged


Verify that LACP packets are being exchanged between interfaces.


Use the show lacp statistics interfaces interface-name command to display LACP BPDU exchange information.

show lacp statistics interfaces ae0


The output here shows that the link is up and that PDUs are being exchanged.