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Rebooting and Halting Routing Matrix with a TX Matrix Router Components


You can control which component in a routing matrix with a TX Matrix router is rebooted or halted. If you reboot or halt the TX Matrix router, by default you also reboot or halt the master Routing Engines on all T640 routers. To reboot a specific component, issue the request system reboot command with the all-lcc, lcc, or scc option.

user@router> request system reboot ?

Similarly, to halt a specific component in a routing matrix, issue the request system halt command with the all-lcc, lcc, or scc option.


Before entering this command, you must have access to the TX Matrix router console port and the console ports of all of the LCCs in order to bring up the TX Matrix Routing Engines.

user@router> request system halt ?


Issuing the request system halt both-routing-engines command on a TX Matrix router halts both Routing Engines in the TX Matrix router and both Routing Engines in all T640 routers in the routing matrix. To reboot a Routing Engine that has been halted, you must connect through the console. For more information about system commands, see the CLI Explorer.