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Configuring Groups to Support a Routing Matrix with a TX Matrix Router Components


For easy maintenance of the chassis in a routing matrix with a TX Matrix router, you can add a configuration group for each Routing Engine in the T640 router and TX Matrix router. The configuration groups added to the TX Matrix router configuration offer a simple way to establish hostnames, management interfaces, and default routes. In the example below, groups re0 and re1 refer to the TX Matrix router Routing Engines, while groups lcc0-re0 and lcc0-re1 refer to the Routing Engines on T640 router LCC0. To configure groups for the TX Matrix router, include the re0 and re1 statements at the [edit groups] hierarchy level. To configure groups for the T640 router, include the lccnumber-re0 and lccnumber-re1 statements at the [edit groups] hierarchy level.

Note that apply groups can be nested. For example, any configuration statements that are common to lcc0-re0 and lcc0-re1 can be put into a separate group and then added as an apply group to the lcc0-re0 and lcc0-re1 groups, which in turn are applied to the main configuration.

For more information about configuration groups, see the Junos OS CLI User Guide.