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Example: Configuring a Constrained-Path LSP for Which Junos OS Makes Most Forwarding Decisions and the Secondary Path Is Explicit


On the ingress router, create a constrained-path LSP in which the Junos OS makes most of the forwarding decisions for the primary path, subject to constraints of the path to-hastings, and in which the secondary path is an explicit path. The primary path must transit green or yellow links and must stay away from red links. The primary path is periodically recomputed and reoptimized. Finally, this path always keeps the secondary path in hot-standby state for quick failover.

When the LSP is up—either because the primary or secondary path is up, or because both paths are up—the prefix is installed in the inet.3 table so that all BGP routes whose BGP next hop falls within that range can use the LSP. Also, the prefix is installed in the inet.0 table so that BGP can resolve only its next hop through that prefix. The route also can be reached with the traceroute or ping command. These two routes are in addition to the route.