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Example: Layer 2 Port Mirroring for a Layer 2 VPN


The following example is not a complete configuration, but shows all the steps needed to configure port mirroring on an L2VPN using family ccc.

  1. Configure the bridge domain port-mirror-bd, which contains the external packet analyzer:

  2. Configure the Layer 2 VPN CCC to connect logical interface ge-2/0/1.0 and logical interface ge-2/0/1.1:

  3. Configure Layer 2 port mirroring for the global instance, with the port-mirroring destination being the bridge domain interface associated with the external analyzer (logical interface ge-2/2/9.0 on bridge domain example-bd-with-analyzer):

  4. Define the Layer 2 port-mirroring firewall filter pm_filter_ccc for family ccc:

  5. Apply the port mirror instance to the chassis:

  6. Configure interface ge-2/2/9 for the VLANs, and configure interface ge-2/0/1 for port mirroring with the pm_filter_ccc firewall filter: