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    Example: Configuring Link Aggregation Control Protocol on a Security Device (J-Web Procedure)

    This example shows how to configure LACP.


    Before you begin:

    • Verify that the Ethernet interfaces are in switch mode. See Understanding VLANs.
    • Link aggregation of one or more interfaces must be set up to form a virtual link or link aggregation group (LAG) before you can apply LACP.


    In this example, you configure link aggregation for switched Ethernet interfaces then apply LACP.


    GUI Step-by-Step Procedure

    To access the LACP Configuration:

    1. In the J-Web user interface, select Configure>Interfaces>Link Aggregation.

      The Aggregated Interfaces list is displayed.

    2. Click one of the following:
      • Device Count—Creates an aggregated Ethernet interface, or LAG. You can choose the number of device that you want to create.
      • Add—Adds a new aggregated Ethernet Interface, or LAG.
      • Edit— Modifies a selected LAG
        • Aggregation—Modifies an selected LAG.
        • VLAN—Specifies VLAN options for the selected LAG.
        • IP Option—Configuring IP address to LAG is not supported and when you try to configure the IP address an error message is displayed.
      • Delete—Deletes the selected LAG.
      • Disable Port or Enable Port—Disables or enables the administrative status on the selected interface.
    3. Click one:
      • Click OK to check your configuration and save it as a candidate configuration, then click Commit Options>Commit.
      • Click Cancel to cancel the configuration without saving changes.

    Modified: 2017-11-10