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Example: Configuring Channelized OC48 Interfaces with Partitioned Channels


The following configuration is sufficient to get the channelized OC48 interface up and running. The OC48 interface can be divided into up to 4 OC12 channels, up to 16 OC3 channels, or up to 48 OC1 channels and combinations are permitted; for example, 1 OC12, 4 OC3s, and 24 OC1s. There are 48 OC1 slices available on the OC48 IQE interface. An OC48 configuration uses all 48 slices, each OC12 uses 12 slices, each OC1 uses 1 slice. Permissible combinations must fit within the 48 available OC1 slices. DS1 channels can use the following encapsulation types:


  • Frame Relay, Frame Relay CCC, and Frame Relay TCC

  • Cisco HDLC, Cisco HDLC CCC, and Cisco HDLC TCC

The channels can also have logical interfaces.

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