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Example: Channelized T1 IQ Interface Configuration

Figure 1: Channelized T1 IQ Interface Example
Channelized T1 IQ Interface Example

The following example shows two ways to configure a channelized T1 IQ interface. Figure 1 shows a fractional T1 method and the NxDS0 method seen previously in the complex OC12 configuration example (see Example: Complex Configuration for a Channelized OC12 IQ Interface). The NxDS0 method breaks the channelized T1 IQ interface into discrete DS0 blocks, whereas the fractional method creates a clear channel T1 that is segmented by time slots.

To configure NxDS0 channels, include the partition statement at the [edit interfaces ct1-fpc/pic/port] hierarchy level. Include the timeslots and interface-type ds options to create the desired number of NxDS0 interfaces in time slots 1 through 24.

To configure a clear channel T1 on a channelized T1 IQ interface, include the no-partition statement with the interface-type t1 option at the [edit interfaces ct1-fpc/pic/port] hierarchy level. After you commit this configuration, you can create a fractional T1 on the clear channel T1 interface. To do so, include the timeslots statement at the [edit interfaces t1-fpc/pic/port t1-options] hierarchy level and specify the number of DS0 blocks to be allowed in the fractional T1 interface. The minimum number of 64-Kbps DS0 blocks you can configure is 1 and the maximum is 24.

Usually, you configure loopback statements at the controller level for all IQ-based channelized interfaces. One exception for channelized T1 IQ interfaces is that you must configure a payload loopback on a T1 IQ interface instead of the controller-level channelized T1 IQ interface. To configure, include the payload option at the [edit interfaces t1-fpc/pic/port t1-options loopback] hierarchy level.

Router A—NxDS0 Method

Router A—Fractional T1 Method

Verifying Your Work

To verify correct operation of a channelized T1 IQ interface, use the following commands:

  • show interfaces

  • show interfaces controller

To view the interface names of the physical channelized T1 IQ interface and the resulting interfaces configured on the channelized IQ interface, use the show interfaces controller command:

user@RouterA> show interfaces controller ct1-2/3/7

To view information about the physical channelized interface, include the ct1-fpc/pic/port option with the show interfaces command:

user@RouterA> show interfaces ct1-2/3/7
user@RouterA> show interfaces ct1-2/3/8

To view information about an NxDS0 interface, include the ds-fpc/pic/port:channel option with the show interfaces command:

user@RouterA> show interfaces ds-2/3/7:1 detail

To view information about a T1 or fractional T1 interface, include the t1-fpc/pic /port option with the show interfaces command. The Speed: field shows if the interface is a full T1(T1) or a fractional T1 (increments of 64 Kbps). In this case, t1-2/3/8 is a fractional T1 using two 64-Kbps time slots for a total speed of 128 Kbps.

user@RouterA> show interfaces t1-2/3/8 detail