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Understanding the High-Speed Interconnection of the Dedicated Virtual Chassis Ports Connecting EX4200, EX4500, and EX4550 Member Switches


Two high-speed, dedicated Virtual Chassis ports (VCPs) on the EX4200 switches and on the Virtual Chassis modules on the EX4500 and EX4550 switches enable the member switches to be interconnected and operate as a single, powerful device. When dedicated VCP interfaces are used to form a ring topology, each segment provides 64 Gbps bidirectional bandwidth on an EX4200 switch and 128 Gbps bidirectional bandwidth on an EX4500 or EX4550 switch. Because the VCP links act as point-to-point links, multiple segments of the ring can be used simultaneously. This allows the Virtual Chassis configuration bandwidth to scale as you interconnect more members within the ring topology.