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Routing Matrix with TXP-T4000-3D Configuration


A routing matrix with the TXP-T4000-3D configuration consists of two types of chassis: a Juniper Networks TX Matrix Plus Router and Juniper Networks T4000 Core Routers.

  • TX Matrix Plus router—A routing matrix contains only one Juniper Networks TX Matrix Plus router. In a routing matrix, a TX Matrix Plus router is also referred to as the switch-fabric chassis (SFC). In the Junos OS command-line interface (CLI), sfc 0 is used to refer to the TX Matrix Plus router. For information about installing and connecting to a TX Matrix Plus router, see the TX Matrix Plus Router Hardware Guide  .

  • T4000 router—In the TXP-T4000-3D configuration, a routing matrix can contain up to four T4000 routers that are assigned the even LCC numbers 0, 2, 4, and 6. A T4000 router in a routing matrix is also referred to as a line-card chassis (LCC). In the Junos OS CLI, lcc 0, lcc 2, lcc 4, and lcc 6 are used to refer to T4000 routers in a TXP-T4000-3D configuration

    For information about connecting a T4000 router to a routing matrix, see the TX Matrix Plus Router Hardware Guide  .

To enable the TXP-T4000-3D configuration in the Junos OS CLI, you must configure the LCC mode on the SFC. To configure the LCC mode, include the set lcc-mode lcc lcc-number mode t4000 statement at the [edit chassis] hierarchy level. By default, the LCC mode is set to t1600.


When you set the LCC mode as t4000, you must set the next LCC (odd-numbered) mode as empty. For example, if you set LCC mode t4000 on LCC 2, then you must set the LCC 3 mode as empty. Otherwise, the commit fails. Setting the LCC mode for an LCC as empty disables the control plane and data plane connections between that LCC and the SFC, so the LCC does not come online.

In a routing matrix, the TX Matrix Plus router controls all the connected T4000 routers, as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1: TXP-T4000-3D Configuration
TXP-T4000-3D Configuration