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    Understanding Stateful and Stateless Data Processing for J Series Services Routers

    Junos OS for J Series Services Routers integrates the world-class network security and routing capabilities of Juniper Networks Operating System.

    Traffic that enters and exits a services router running Junos OS is processed according to features you configure, such as security policies, packet filters, and screens. For example, the software can determine:

    • Whether the packet is allowed into the router
    • Which class of service (CoS) to apply to the packet, if any
    • Which firewall screens to apply to the packet
    • Whether to send the packet through an IPsec tunnel
    • Whether the packet requires an Application Layer Gateway (ALG)
    • Whether to apply Network Address Translation (NAT) to translate the packet's address
    • Which route the packet uses to reach its destination

    Packets that enter and exit a services router running Junos OS undergo both packet-based and flow-based processing. A device always processes packets discretely. Packet treatment depends on characteristics that were established for the first packet of the packet stream.

    Modified: 2016-04-26