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Configuring SNMPv3 Traps on a Device Running Junos OS


In SNMPv3, you create traps and informs by configuring the notify, target-address, and target-parameters parameters. Traps are unconfirmed notifications, whereas informs are confirmed notifications. This section describes how to configure SNMP traps. For information about configuring SNMP informs, see Configuring SNMP Informs.

The target address defines a management application’s address and parameters to be used in sending notifications. Target parameters define the message processing and security parameters that are used in sending notifications to a particular management target. SNMPv3 also lets you define SNMPv1 and SNMPv2c traps.


When you configure SNMP traps, make sure your configured access privileges allow the traps to be sent. Access privileges are configured at the [edit snmp v3 vacm access] and [edit snmp v3 vacm security-to-group] hierarchy levels.

To configure SNMP traps, include the following statements at the [edit snmp v3] hierarchy level: