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Service Contexts: TNS


The table displays the security context details for TNS:

Table 1: Service Contexts: TNS

Context and Direction


Example of Contexts

tns-accept-section (STC)

Matches the Accept Section Data in a TNS session.

tns-connect-addr-dev (CTS)

Matches the Connect Address-Dev in a TNS session.

tns-connect-addr-host (CTS)

Matches the Connect Address-Host in a TNS session.

tns-connect-addr-key (CTS)

Matches the Connect Address-Key in a TNS session.

tns-connect-addr-port (CTS)

Matches the Connect Address-Port in a TNS session.

tns-connect-addr-proto (CTS)

Matches the Connect Address-Protocol in an TNS session.

tns-connect-cid-host (CTS)

Matches the Connect Data CID Host in a TNS session.

tns-connect-cid-user (CTS)

Matches the Connect Data CID User in a TNS session.

tns-connect-data-cid-prog (CTS)

Matches the Connect Data CID Program in a TNS session.

tns-connect-data-sid (CTS)

Matches the Connect Data SID in a TNS session.

tns-connect- data-svcname (CTS)

Matches the Connect Data Service Name in an TNS session.

tns-connect-section (CTS)

Matches the Connect Section Data in a TNS session.

tns-data-flags (ANY)

Matches 2 bytes flags of Data Section in an TNS session

tns-data-section (ANY)

Matches the Data Section Data in a TNS session.

tns-message-body (ANY)

Matches any Message Body in a TNS session.

tns-message-type (ANY)

Matches the Message Type in a TNS session.

tns-preamble (ANY)

Matches the first 8 bytes of a TNS message.

tns-redirect-section (STC)

Matches the Redirect Section in a TNS session.