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Service Contexts: SSL


The table displays the security context details for SSL:

Table 1: Service Contexts: SSL

Context and Direction


Example of Contexts

ssl-cert- common-name (ANY)

Matches the common name attribute of the SSL certificate.

ssl-cert- organization-name (ANY)

Matches the organization name in the SSL certificate.

ssl-cert- organizational-unit- name (ANY)

Matches the organizational unit name in the SSL certificate.

ssl-certificate (ANY)

Matches the entire SSL certificate content.

ssl-change-cipher-spec (ANY)

Matches the Change-Cipher-Spec Message Content

ssl-client-hello (CTS)

Matches SSL client hello message content.

ssl-client-key- exchange (CTS)

Matches SSL client key exchange message content.

ssl-client-version (CTS)

Matches the client SSL version.

ssl-selected- cipher-suite (STC)

Matches the selected cipher suite in the server hello message.

ssl-server-hello (STC)

Matches SSL server hello message content.

ssl-server- key-exchange (STC)

Matches SSL server key exchange message content.

ssl-server- version (STC)

Matches the SSL server version.