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Service Contexts: SIP


The table displays the security context details for SIP:

Table 1: Service Contexts: SIP

Context and Direction


Example of Contexts

sip-bad-header (ANY)

Matches SIP hearders with bad syntax.

sip-command-state (ANY)

Matches the state of the SIP connection.

sip-content-any (ANY)

Matches SIP contents portion of packet data.

sip-content-sdp (ANY)

Matches SIP/SDP content data.

sip-display-name (ANY)

Matches the display name of URL in related headers.

sip-header-any (ANY)

Matches SIP headers with no designated context.

sip-header-callid (ANY)

Matches the SIP <Call-ID> header.

sip-header-from (ANY)

Matches the SIP <From> header.

sip-header-maxforwards (CTS)

Matches the SIP <Max-Forwards> header.

sip-header-to (ANY)

Matches SIP <To> header.

sip-header-value-len (ANY)

Artificially created context for putting thresholds on a header value.

sip-headr-via (ANY)

Matches the SIP <Via> header.

sip-parameter (ANY)

Matches parsed parameters in the headers.

sip-parameter-bad (ANY)

Matches parsed invalid parameters in the headers.

sip-reply (STC)

Matches any SIP reply line with the return code.

sip-reply-100-line (STC)

Matches the SIP 1yz Positive Preliminary reply.

sip-reply-200-line (STC)

Matches the SIP 2yz Positive Compleation reply.

sip-reply-300-line (STC)

Matches the SIP 3yz Postive Intermediate reply.

sip-reply-400-line (STC)

Matches the SIP 4yz Transient Negative Completion reply.

sip-reply-500-line (STC)

Matches the SIP 5yz Permanent Negative Completion reply.

sip-reply-600-line (STC)

Matches the SIP 6yz Failure Completion reply.

sip-reply-bad-rcode (STC)

Matches any SIP invalid response code.

sip-request (CTS)

Matches the SIP request command line.

sip-request-unknown (CTS)

Matches the SIP request with unknown command.

sip-sdp-line (ANY)

Matches the SIP/SDP contents data line.

sip-unknown-data (ANY)

Matches SIP unknown data.

sip-unknown-header (ANY)

Matches a SIP unknown header.

sip-uri-host (ANY)

Matches the host-name/IP-address of URI in related headers.

sip-uri-parameter (ANY)

Matches the parameter of URI in related headers.