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Service Contexts: NNTP


The table displays the security context details for NNTP:

Table 1: Service Contexts: NNTP

Context and Direction


Example of Contexts

nntp-banner (STC)

Matches the NNTP banner.

nntp-body (ANY)

Matches each line of an NNTP message body.

nntp-cmd-line (CTS)

Matches the entire NNTP command line.

nntp-header (ANY)

Matches any header in an NNTP session.

nntp-ihave-msgid (CTS)

Matches the message ID that appears in the IHAVE command of an NNTP session.

nntp-mode (CTS)

Matches the NNTP mode.

nntp-msgid (ANY)

Matches the message ID that appears in various commands of an NNTP session.

nntp-newsgroup (ANY)

Matches the name of news groups in an NNTP session.