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Service Contexts: Gnutella


The table displays the security context details for Gnutella:

Table 1: Service Contexts: Gnutella

Context and Direction


Display Name

gnutella-connect-fail-reason (STC)

Matches the connection fail reason string in a Gnutella connection.

GNUTELLA Connect Fail Reason

gnutella-connect-header (ANY)

Matches the contents of the HTTP style CONNECT message in a Gnutella session.

GNUTELLA Connect Header

gnutella-http-get-filename (CTS)

Matches the name of the file that the client intends to retrieve.

GNUTELLA Http Get Filename

gnutella-http-header (ANY)

Matches any HTTP style headers in a Gnutella session.

GNUTELLA Http Header

gnutella-queryhit-vendor (STC)

Matches the 4-byte vendor code in the reply for the QUERYHIT message.

GNUTELLA Queryhit Vendor

gnutella-search-criteria (CTS)

Matches the search criteria in a QUERY message of a Gnutella session.

GNUTELLA Search Criteria

gnutella-user-agent (ANY)

Matches the name of the user agent in a Gnutella session.