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Filter-Specific Policer Overview


By default, a policer operates in term-specific mode so that, for a given firewall filter, the Junos OS creates a separate policer instance for every filter term that references the policer. As an option, you can configure a policer to operate in filter-specific mode so that a single policer instance is used by all terms (within the same firewall filter) that reference the policer.

For an IPv4 firewall filter with multiple terms that reference the same policer, configuring the policer to operate in filter-specific mode enables you to count and monitor the activity of the policer at the firewall filter level.


Term-specific mode and filter-specific mode also apply to prefix-specific policer sets.

To enable a single-rate two-color policer to operate in filter-specific mode, you can include the filter-specific statement at the following hierarchy levels:

  • [edit firewall policer policer-name]

  • [edit logical-systems logical-system-name firewall policer policer-name]

You can reference filter-specific policers from IPv4 (family inet) firewall filters only.