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IP and MPLS Packets on Aggregated Interfaces


You can send IP and MPLS packets over aggregated interfaces. To the IP or MPLS session, there is a single LSP composed of the aggregated interfaces. Packets sent to an LSP that is part of an aggregated interface are redistributed over the aggregated member interfaces.

Sending IP and MPLS packets over aggregated interfaces has the following benefits:

  • Bandwidth aggregation—You can increase the number of MPLS packet flows sent over each connection. In MPLS, a set of packets sharing the same label is considered a part of the same flow.

  • Link redundancy—If a link or a line card failure affects an aggregate member link, the traffic flowing across that link is immediately forwarded across one of the remaining links.

The Junos OS supports aggregated SONET and Ethernet interfaces.

Note that the Junos implementation of IP and MPLS over aggregated interfaces (aggregated Ethernet devices only) complies with IEEE 802.3ad.

For information about how to configure aggregated Ethernet or aggregated SONET interfaces, see Ethernet Interfaces User Guide for Routing Devices and Configuring Aggregated SONET/SDH Interfaces.