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Understanding VPLS Multihoming: Priority of the Backup Bridge


When an MX Series router in a VPLS multihomed Layer 2 ring is running a spanning-tree protocol with root protection enabled, you can modify the default actions taken by the MX Series router when the topology changes. To do this, configure the VPLS root protection topology change actions.

The default value of the backup bridge is 32,768. You can set the backup bridge priority to a value from 0 through 61440, in increments of 4096.

To change the default value, you can use the following statement:

You can include the statement at the [edit protocols (mstp | rstp | vstp)] hierarchy level (to control global spanning-tree protocol behavior) or at the [edit protocols vstp vlan vlan-id] hierarchy level (to control a particular VLAN).


VPLS root topology change actions are configured independently of VPLS, the spanning-tree protocol, or the spanning-tree protocol root protect option.