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Installation Type Overview


The three types of installations used to upgrade or downgrade your routing platform are standard installation, category change, and recovery. The standard installation is the standard method of upgrading and downgrading the software. Use a category change installation when you are moving from one software category to another; for example, if you are changing the device from using the standard Junos OS to the Junos-FIPS category. Perform a recovery installation when the software on the device is damaged or otherwise unable to accommodate a software upgrade or downgrade.

Standard Installation

A standard installation is the typical method used to upgrade or downgrade software on the server. This method uses the installation package that matches the installation package already installed on the system. For example, you might upgrade an M120 router running Junos OS installed using the jinstall* installation package. If you upgrade the router from Release 9.0R2.10 to Release 9.1R1.8, you use the jinstall-9.1R1.8–domestic-signed.tgz installation package. For information on the different installation packages available, see Junos OS Installation Packages Prefixes.

Category Change Installation

The category change installation process is used to move from one category of Junos OS to another on the same router; for example, moving from a Junos OS standard installation on an M Series, MX Series, or T Series router to a Junos-FIPS installation. When moving from one installation category to another, you need to be aware of the restrictions regarding this change.


Juniper Networks does not support using the request system software rollback command to restore a different installation category on the device. When installing a different Junos OS category on a device, once the installation is complete, you should execute a request system snapshot command to delete the backup installation from the system.

Recovery Installation

A recovery installation is performed to repair a device with damaged software or a condition that prevents the upgrade, downgrade, or change in installation category of the software.

For example, you may need to perform a recovery installation to change a device’s software category from Junos-FIPS to standard Junos OS.