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Configuring ATM Mode for SHDSL Overview


To configure the ATM mode for SHDSL, include the pic-mode statement at the [edit chassis fpc fpc-number pic 0 shdsl] hierarchy level:

For more information about configuring the ATM mode, see the Junos OS Administration Library and the Junos OS Interfaces and Routing Configuration Guide.

To configure SHDSL operating mode on the physical ATM interface and set the encapsulation, include the shdsl-options statement and the encapsulation statement at the [edit interfaces at-pim/0/port] hierarchy level:

To configure ATM virtual path identifier (VPI) options for the interface, include the vpi statement at the [edit interfaces interface-name atm-options] hierarchy level:

For more information about configuring ATM VPI options, see Configuring the Maximum Number of ATM1 VCs on a VP.

To configure logical interface properties, include the encapsulation statement, family statement, and vci statement:

You can include these statements at the following hierarchy levels:

  • [edit interfaces interface-name unit logical-unit-number]

  • [edit logical-systems logical-system-name interfaces interface-name unit logical-unit-number]