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ATM-over-ADSL Overview


You configure the underlying ADSL as an ATM interface with an interface name of at-pim/0/port. Multiple encapsulation types are supported on both the physical and logical ATM-over-ADSL interface.

You can configure Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet (PPPoE) over ATM to connect through DSL lines. For PPPoE on an ATM-over-ADSL interface, you must configure encapsulation on both the physical and logical interfaces. To configure encapsulation on an ATM-over-ADSL physical interface, use Ethernet over ATM encapsulation. To configure encapsulation on an ATM-over-ADSL logical interface, use the PPPoE over AAL5 LLC encapsulation. LLC encapsulation allows a single ATM virtual connection to transport multiple protocols.


PPPoE encapsulation is not supported on an M120 router with ATM2 PICs.

When you configure a point-to-point encapsulation such as PPP on a physical interface, the physical interface can have only one logical interface (only one unit statement) associated with it.

For more information about configuring PPPoE, see Configuring PPPoE.