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Understanding the Aggregated Ethernet Interfaces Device Count


By default, no aggregated Ethernet interfaces are created. You must set the number of aggregated Ethernet interfaces on the routing device before you can configure them. Once you set the device count, the system creates that number of empty aggregated Ethernet interfaces. A globally unique MAC address is assigned to every aggregated Ethernet interface. More aggregated Ethernet interfaces can be created by increasing the parameter.

The maximum number of aggregated devices you can configure is 128. The aggregated interfaces are numbered from ae0 through ae127.

Similarly, you can permanently remove an aggregated Ethernet interface from the device configuration by deleting it from the device count. When you reduce the device count, only the aggregated Ethernet interface objects at the end of the list are removed, leaving the newly specified number of interfaces. That is, if you set the device count to 10 and then reduce it to 6, the system removes the last 4 interface objects from the list.


Be aware that this approach deletes the aggregated Ethernet interface and all of its objects from the device configuration.