Restrictions on Junos OS Ethernet Network Services Mode and Enhanced Ethernet Network Services Mode Features for MX Series Routers


Table 1 lists Junos OS feature restrictions when running in Ethernet Network Services mode or Enhanced Ethernet Network Services mode.

Table 1: Restricted Software Features in Ethernet Network Services Mode

Software Feature

Restriction in Ethernet Network Services Mode


  • Data plane support applies only to Ethernet and MPLS.

  • BGP only supports the following address families: inet labeled-unicast, inet unicast, inet-vpn unicast, l2vpn, and route-target.


Layer 3 VPNs are supported. You can only include loopback interfaces in the Virtual Routing and Forwarding (VRF) instance. A maximum of two VRFs are supported. Each VRF can handle up to 10,000 routes.

The ping mpls l3vpn operational mode command is also supported.

Unicast RPF

Unicast reverse-path forwarding is disabled.

Source and destination class usage (SCU and DCU)

Source and Destination Class Usage is disabled.

Filter terms

The number of externally configured filter terms is restricted to 64 KB.


The number of supported prefixes is restricted to 32 K.


MX Series routers supporting Layer 2.5 functions work as full-scale routers and they support interior gateway protocol (IGP), multicast routing protocols, and other routing features. The restrictions applicable on these routers are that the number of routes is limited and you cannot use BGP.