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Overview of Channelized IQ Interfaces


Channelized interfaces allow service providers to customize bandwidth to satisfy the needs of their customers. Whether the subscriber needs DS0, T1, fractional T1, E1, fractional E1, E3, T3, STM1, OC3, or OC12 service, a channelized interface can provide the necessary bandwidth today and can be reconfigured to support the customer’s expanding network tomorrow. Standard channelized interfaces have been available on Juniper Networks routing platforms since JUNOS Release 3.4.

The original channelized interfaces for Juniper Networks M-series routers are available in the following models:

  • 1-port Channelized OC12 PIC

  • 10-port Channelized E1 PIC

  • 1-port Channelized STM1 PIC

  • 4-port Channelized DS3 PIC

  • 1-port and 2-port multichannel Channelized DS3 PIC

These channelized interfaces provide a single level of channelization and require at both the [edit chassis] and the [edit interfaces] hierarchy levels. Most configuration options must be set on channel 0 and apply to all channels on these channelized interfaces.

The new channelized interfaces with intelligent queuing offer several advantages over the original channelized interfaces:

  • Complete configuration tasks for channelized IQ interfaces are now centralized at the [edit interfaces] hierarchy level.

  • Multiple levels of channelization are now possible with channelized IQ interfaces. For example, a channelized OC12 IQ interface can be divided into channelized OC1 interfaces, then subdivided into channelized T1 interfaces, and further split into NxDS0 channels.

  • You can now configure interface statements, such as clocking, on individual channels rather than configuring them on channel 0 for all channels at the same hierarchy level.

  • Class-of-service (CoS) processing now occurs on the PIC for channelized IQ interfaces rather than in the FPC.

The following M-series and T-series PICs support channelized interfaces with intelligent queuing:

  • 1-port Channelized OC12 IQ PIC

  • 1-port Channelized OC3 PIC

  • 4-port Channelized DS3 IQ PIC

  • 10-port Channelized T1 IQ PIC

  • 10-port Channelized E1 IQ PIC

  • 1-port Channelized STM1 IQ PIC

To determine which PIC is installed, issue the show chassis hardware command:

user@RouterA> show chassis hardware