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Monitoring Hardware Components Using the Graphical Chassis Viewer



Use the monitoring functionality to view the images of the chassis and access information about each component.


Select Dashboard and click Chassis in the upper right corner of the J-Web page.

A separate window opens with the image of the chassis and its component parts, including power supplies, individual PICs, and ports. The status of each port appears in red or green. Major or minor alarm indicators appear in red.

The chassis viewer is updated dynamically every 10 seconds.

  • To view information about a component, mouse over the component in the chassis image.

  • To go to the monitor or configuration page for a component, right-click the interface, and click Monitor or Configure. The monitor or configuration page opens in the main J-Web window.

    If a PIC is not supported by the J-Web chassis viewer, an image of the PIC is not displayed. However, you can still right-click an interface to access its monitor or configuration page.


    The J-Web window might be behind the chassis viewer window.

  • To move the image of the chassis, click the image inside the chassis viewer window.

  • To zoom in or out, use the zoom option on the left side of the chassis viewer window.

  • To toggle between front and rear views of the chassis, use the View Front and View Back buttons at the top of the chassis viewer window.


Table 4 summarizes the fields in the Chassis Viewer window.

Table 4: Chassis Viewer Monitoring Page



Chassis View

Displays the details of the routing engine, power and fan tray, and chassis components.

View Front

Displays the front view of the chassis.

View Rear

Displays the rear view of the chassis.