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Monitoring Threat Prevention—Diagnostics



Juniper Sky Advanced Threat Prevention (ATP) uses real-time information from the cloud to provide your business with anti-malware protection.

The monitoring functionality is use to view and diagnose threat prevention policies.

Table 70 examines the content present in the page.


To monitor and diagnose threat prevention policies select Monitor> Security Services >Sky ATP>Diagnostics in the J-Web user interface.


Summarizes key output fields on the page.

Table 70: Diagnostics page option



Additional Information


SKY ATP Diagnostics

Specify to diagnose.

Select an option from the drop down list.

Diagnostics Logs

Displays the diagnostic logs for the selected option.


Check Connectivity


Check the connectivity.

Click on the Check.

Server Details

Server hostname

Specify the host name of the server.

Server realm

Specifies the name of a server realm.

Server port

Specify the server port number.

Connection Plane

Connection time

Specify the connection time of the server.

Connection Status

Specify the connection status.

Service Plane

Card Info

Specify the card number.

Connection Active Number

Specify the connection active numbers.

Connection Relay statistics

Specify the connection relay statistics.

Other Details

Configured Proxy Server

Specify the configured proxy server.

Port Number

Specify the port number of the proxy server.