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Proxy Profiles Configuration Page Options


The Proxy Profiles page is use to configure the proxy profiles to protect your web servers against client-to-server attacks from malicious clients.

  1. Select Configure>Security Service>Security PolicyObjects>Proxy Profiles in the J-Web user interface.

    The Proxy Profiles configuration page appears. Table 186 explains the contents of this page.

  2. Click one:
    • Add or +—Adds a new or duplicate proxy profile configuration. Enter information as specified in Table 187.

    • Edit or /—Edits a selected proxy profile configurationTable 187.

    • Delete or X—Deletes the selected proxy profile configuration.

    • Search Icon—Enables you to search a proxy profile or rule from the grid.

    • Show Hide Column Filter icon—Enables you to show or hide a column in the grid.

  3. Click one:

    Click Commit icon at the top of the J-Web page. The following commit options are displayed.

    • Commit—Commits the configuration and returns to the main configuration page.

    • Compare—Enables you to see the configuration changes that you have performed in the Show Pending Changes.

    • Discard—Discards the configuration changes you performed in the J-Web.

    • Preferences—There are two tab:

      • Commit preferences— You can choose to just validate or validate and commit the changes.

      • Confirm commit timeout (in min)— You can select the commit timeout interval.

Table 186: Proxy Profile Configuration Page



Profile Name

Displays the name of the proxy profile.

Server IP/ Host Name

Displays the connection type used by the proxy profile.

Port Number

Displays the port number.

Table 187: Add-Edit Proxy Profile Configuration Details

Field FunctionAction

Profile Name

Specifies the name of the proxy profile.

Enter a name for the proxy profile.

Connection Type

Specifies the type of connection used by the proxy profile.

Select the connection type server from the list.

  • Server IP

  • Host Name

Port Number

Specifies the port number used by the proxy profile.

Select a port number for the proxy profile from 0 to 65535.