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SKY ATP Enrollment


Sky ATP Enrollment

Sky Advanced Threat Prevention (Sky ATP) is a cloud-based threat identification and prevention solution by Juniper Networks. It protects you from malware and sophisticated cyber threat by inspecting email and web traffic for advanced threats.

Sky ATP integrates with the SRX Series devices and simplifies deployment and enhance the anti-threat capabilities of the SRX firewall.

Use this page to enroll the SRX device to Sky ATP.

  • Understand which type of Sky ATP license you have: free or premium. The license controls which Sky ATP features are available.

  • To configure a Sky ATP realm, you must already have a Sky ATP account with an associated license.

  • Decide which region will be covered by the realm you are creating. You must select a region when you configure a realm.

To enroll your device to Sky ATP from J-Web:

  1. Select Adminstration>Sky ATP Enrollment.

    The SKY ATP Enrollment page appears.

  2. Click Launch to get enrollment command.

    You will be redirected to the Select Geographic Region page in a new tab in the browser. Read the instructions in this page and decide which region will be covered by the realm you are creating. You must select a region when you configure a realm.

  3. (Configure>Security>Proxy Profile) Created proxy profile can be selected from the drop down list and map to security-intelligence & advanced-anti-malware connections by clicking the Apply button.
  4. Select the geographic location of your SKY ATP Cloud Service from the dropdown list.

    The available options are: North America and European Union.

    Click Go.

    You will be redirected to the Sky ATP server login page associated with the location that you selected.

  5. Enter your Sky ATP login credentials and log in.

    A security realm is a group identifier for an organization used to restrict access to Web applications. You must create at least one security realm to login into Sky ATP. Once you create a realm, you can enroll SRX Series devices into the realm. You can also give more users (administrators) permission to access the realm. If you have multiple security realms, note that each SRX Series device can only be bound to one realm, and users cannot travel between realms.

    The Sky ATP user interface application appears.

  6. Click Devices.

    The Enrolled Devices page appears.

  7. Click Enroll in the Enrolled Devices page.

    The Enroll popup window appears displaying a URL.

  8. Copy the URL displayed in the Enroll popup window.
  9. Go back to the browser tab where J-Web application is residing.

    The SKY ATP Enrollment page in J-Web from where you had navigated to the Sky ATP application is displayed.

  10. Paste the URL that you copied from the Sky ATP application in the Inside Enrollment text box in the SKY ATP Enrollment page of J-Web.
  11. Click Enroll.

    The Enrollment Status: IN PROGRESS is displayed. The enrollment process with take 6 to 7 minutes. After the enrollment is complete, the status changes to SUCCESSFUL or FAILED.