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Junos OS Release Notes for JRR Series


These release notes accompany Junos OS Release 20.2R1 for the JRR Series. They describe new and changed features, limitations, and known and resolved problems in the hardware and software.

You can also find these release notes on the Juniper Networks Junos OS Documentation webpage, located at

What's New

Learn about new features introduced in Junos OS Release 20.2R1 for JRR Series Route Reflectors.

Layer 2 Features

  • Support for Link Layer Discovery Protocol (JRR200)—Starting in Junos OS Release 20.2R1, JRR Series devices support Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) is supported both on the management port em0 and on the WAN ports em2 through em9. LLDP is a link-layer protocol defined in IEEE 802.1AB that allows network devices to advertise their identity, capabilities, and configuration to other devices on the LAN.

    [See Understanding LLDP.]

What's Changed

There are no changes in behavior and syntax in Junos OS Release 20.2R1 for JRR Series Route Reflectors.

Known Limitations

There are no known limitations JRR Series in Junos OS Release 20.2R1 for JRR Series Route Reflectors.

Open Issues

There are no open issues in Junos OS 20.2R1 Release for JRR Series Route Reflectors.

Resolved Issues

Learn about resolved issues for JRR Series in Junos OS 20.2R1 Release.

For the most complete and latest information about known Junos OS defects, use the Juniper Networks online Junos Problem Report Search application.

General Routing

  • USB install image is not working for JRR200 platform. PR1471986

  • Link state of virtual em interfaces in Junos OS might not reflect the true link status of corresponding physical interfaces in the Linux host. PR1492087

Documentation Updates

There are no errata or changes in Junos OS Release 20.2R1 documentation for JRR200 Route Reflectors.

Migration, Upgrade, and Downgrade Instructions

This section contains the upgrade and downgrade support policy for Junos OS for the JRR Series Route Reflector. Upgrading or downgrading Junos OS might take several minutes, depending on the size and configuration of the network.

For information about software installation and upgrade, see the JRR200 Route Reflector Quick Start   and the Installation and Upgrade Guide.

Upgrade and Downgrade Support Policy for Junos OS Releases

Support for upgrades and downgrades that span more than three Junos OS releases at a time is not provided, except for releases that are designated as Extended End-of-Life (EEOL) releases. EEOL releases provide direct upgrade and downgrade paths—you can upgrade directly from one EEOL release to the next EEOL release even though EEOL releases generally occur in increments beyond three releases.

You can upgrade or downgrade to the EEOL release that occurs directly before or after the currently installed EEOL release, or to two EEOL releases before or after. For example, Junos OS Releases 19.3, 19.4, and 20.1 are EEOL releases. You can upgrade from Junos OS Release 19.3 to Release 19.4 or from Junos OS Release 19.3 to Release 20.1.

You cannot upgrade directly from a non-EEOL release to a release that is more than three releases ahead or behind. To upgrade or downgrade from a non-EEOL release to a release more than three releases before or after, first upgrade to the next EEOL release and then upgrade or downgrade from that EEOL release to your target release.

For more information about EEOL releases and to review a list of EEOL releases, see