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Open Issues



  • PR1419283

  • Following sensor values are not published in the current Junos OS Evolved release:


  • Static link protections is not supported on the PTX10003. PR1382695

  • The PTX10003-80C supports FPC Offline but does not support FPC Online at runtime. The only way to bring up the offlined FPC is to reboot the chassis. PR1386385

  • PTX10003: Fabric stats PFE stats counter is always displayed as zero. No value is populated. PR1389157

  • 'Show chassis fpc' will not show any CPU/Mem Utililzation. This is because the FPC doesn't have a dedicated CPU for the PTX10003, which is a fixed form factor chassis. PR1389199

  • Packets sent with an incorrect IPV6 hop-by-hop type are not dropped. Same issue with IPv4. PR1403686

  • uncorrectable pci error will not reboot the Router PR1415221

  • Existing error counters should be cleared before making any CMerror configuration changes. PR1417171

  • "show pfe statistics traffic" works fine. But "show pfe statistics traffic fpc <0/1>" only works for fpc 0, not for any other FPC number shown in "show chassis fpc". PR1419268

  • PTX10003-160C and PTX10003-80C: COS AE Queue stats for the "show interfaces queue ae0" CLI command is displayed as zero (where as the rate/pps/bps stats are displayed correctly) after the "clear interfaces statistics all" commands and when one AE member link flaps (24x10G ae0) PR1423134

  • Show system core-dumps | display xml output format is different in Junos OS Evolved than in Junos OS. PR1423650

  • show system directory-usage | display xml has variation in the display between Junos OS and Junos OS Evolved. PR1423660

  • Show system queues output display is different from Junos OS. PR1423673

  • Show system reboot cli output xml tags are different from Junos OS. PR1423675

  • On PTX10003-80C Junos OS Evolved platforms, the L3VPN traffic might be dropped if one core-facing interface gets down in the L3VPN multipath scenario. PR1423980

  • When Highly Accelerated Life Test is carried out on PTX10003 FPC Error messages "pgq_intr_miscintr_qsn_skip" will be seen on the console PR1424539

  • The following XML tags are missing in Junos OS Evolved for the show pfe statistics traffic CLI: <pfe-fabric-input> <pfe-fabric-input-pps> <pfe-fabric-output> <pfe-fabric-output-pps> <tcp-header-error-discard> PR1430821

  • Additional and missing XML tags for Junos OS Evolved need to be documented. PR1433459

  • If BGPRouteMonitor JET application is killed from Linux shell from where it was invoked while the application is receiving route change notifications , temporary metadata leak error messages are seen from router. If the BGP routeMonitor application is multithreaded and one thread is used to unregister the monitor session while other thread is receiving BGP route change notifications 'Assertion Failed: pthread_mutex_lock(mu) == 0 Abort' message is seen. In both of these case BGPRouteMonitor application can be restarted and it executes as expected. PR1435164

  • There are differences in xml tags for "show system storage" compared to Junos. PR1438092

  • There are differences in xml tags for "show system uptime" compared to Junos. PR1438094

  • Software upgrade from Junos OS Evolved release 19.1R1 to 19.2R1 using 'request system add <package> restart' is not supported because when the two releases are different in many repositories, the object from imgd to orchestratord was bigger than PUB_BUFFER_SIZE and orchestratord would crash. PR1438194

  • SW upgrade infrastructure requires manual checks to handle applications which are offline at the time of the upgrade. We are documenting the user workflow for restart upgrade. 1. check alarms (and online any offline apps which will alarm). 2. upgrade. 3. V2 will get activated. 4. check alarms (and online any offline apps which will alarm) PR1438686

  • [EVO COS][25G][PTX10003-160c] [PTX10003-80c]: With IPv4 and IPv6 CoS Classifier and Rewrite, the following AftCore specific evo-aftmand syslog Error messages are observed during the negative triggers i.e. disable/enable and deactivate/activate of CoS interfaces: "AftCore: AftValidate: Validation failed for token", "AftCore: AftValidate: Entry failed local validation:parentToken" and "AftCore: root: AftInsert destroyed with active state". PR1439519

  • The "clear ike" command stanza missing in Junos OS Evolved. PR1439872

  • Show Queue Stats should display tail-drop bytes apart from tail-drop packets PR1440152

  • Some fields are missing in the CLI "show system statistics arp." For example, "Current Public ARP nexthops present." PR1440447

  • There is an issue with the PFE for MPLS auto bandwidth feature. The PFE is returning the traffic counter value wrongly. As a result, the auto bandwidth calculation is not correct; it is going to the MAX bandwidth. Therefore, do not use the MPLS auto bandwidth feature in this release. PR1444784

Authentication and Access Control

  • The CLI "show system login lockout" will not display the locked out users. There is no functional impact. PR1175430

Class of Service (COS)

  • This is harmless error message. Not functional impact PR1437717

  • For the PTX10003-160C (25 G), the "show class-of-service code-point-aliases <name> command doesn't display the specific code-point-alias name requested in the command. Instead, it displays all the code-point-aliases details. PR1443930

  • For the PTX10003-160C (25 G), the "show class-of-service rewrite-rule type <type-name>" commands also display other rewrite types (just the rule name in one line). PR1444174

  • Junos OS Evolved: PTX10003 (25G): The "Jexpr: CoS Queue Stats:" evo-aftmand Error messages are observed upon cosd restart and the cos mib objects querying (both on AE and non AE cases) <url href="">PR1445134</url>PR1445134

  • PTX10003 (25G): cosd is cored starting CosBundleCHandler::onModify()->ClassifierCBQEvents::NotifyDelete()->Classif ierCEvents::OnDelete()->Resolver::resolve() PR1446041

Flow-based and Packet-based Processing

  • JFLOW is not supported on the PTX10003. If you configure it the system may generate EvoAftMan-main and/or rpd-agent cores PR1393101

General Routing

  • The convergence time will be of the order of 3508 ms for OSPF/ISIS (50K routes scale which will be equivalent to 14253 routes/sec). In the case of BGP, it will be of the order of ~17K routes/sec. PR1379961

  • The Junos OS Evolved output for the CLI "show LLDP neighbors" is different than in Junos OS. Some of the XML tags for the CLI "show lldp neighbors interface" and "show lldp" are missing. PR1430795

  • Filters associated with the run show ipv6 neighbor command are not working PR1439354


  • The following XML tags are missing in Junos OS Evolved for the show route forwarding-table CLI: <address-family> <enabled-protocols> <to> PR1429413

  • The following telnet commands are not available in this release: telnet bypass-routing; telnet interface; telnet logical-system; telnet no-resolve; telnet source. With the exception of the telnet source command, these commands are not available in the native Linux telnet client. For reference, here is the Linux man page: PR1438735

  • scaled l3vpn configuration taking near about 30 minutes to come up. PR1438955

Interfaces and Chassis

  • request chassis routing-engine master switch, should give warning message PR1228051

Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS)

  • Link-protection/Node-link-protection configuration under label-switched-path template is not honored for PCE Initiated RSVP based P2P lsps and hence these lsps are not protected. PR1443672

Network Management and Monitoring

  • The snmpd runs as a 64 bit application in Junos OS Evolved. So when the 4294967295678 value is passed to counter32, it takes the lower order 4 bytes and returns that value. In this case, it is 4294966974 (4294967295678 & FFFFFFFF). PR1370735

Routing Protocols

  • The PTX10003-80C doesn't support RP and FHR in this release. PR1414780

  • In some scenarios immediately after a software upgrade, the host name in the IS-IS database shows up as "localhost". Flapping the IS-IS session will clear this. This problem will not be seen in subsequent reboots after the software upgrade. PR1419006

  • ipv6-adj sid doesn't get enabled after flaping family inet6 on the link PR1432146

  • TI-LFA backup NH, for ipv4 node-sid doesn't contain the explicit null label PR1448175

  • [EVO] RPD process crashes and restarts after a router reboot PR1448839

Software Installation and Upgrade

  • Route add using BGP APIs can be relatively slow if route monitor register happens when bgp routes are already present in the router. Conditions: BGP route add performance is impacted when BGP route monitor is configured PR1389212

  • If the disk is partitioned with a non 'dos' partition type, follow these steps to erase/format and partition with a 'msdos' partition type: 1. Issue the parted/dev/sdb mklabel msdos command. 2. Reboot the box. 3. Request a system snapshot. PR1402409

  • There are differences in the xml tags for the cli "show version" as compared to Junos. PR1429640

User Interface and Configuration

  • Show system subscriber-management summary gives an error. PR1438809

  • Changing any attribute under archive sites will have no effect after provisioning, example: