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Resolved Issues



  • PCEP configuration and operational commands are visible in Junos OS Evolved Release 19.1R1 profile image but are not supported. PR1387980

  • 100G PSM4 optics are not supported in this release PR1406553

  • Traffic on ports may fail if you change the port speed or offline/online the PIC while traffic flowing through the ports. To recover, reboot the box. PR1416639

  • As per MSA standards, link training needs to be enabled and that is reason behind link between Spirent and QFX5220-32CD is not UP. PR1417749

  • "Queues in use:" CLI output always shows the value as 8 when the CLI command "show interfaces queue" is executed. PR1421176

  • If the SSH session under which 'monitor interface traffic' is being run is stopped, the iftop utility will stay at 100% CPU utilization. PR1426069

  • When physical links were removed and plugged back in immediately under a sec, there is intermittent chance that link might not be UP. PR1426541

  • sflowd core seen when few interface related operations are performed. PR1426902

  • ZTP file transfer will fail when using an FTP server that requires binary transfer mode to be explicitly defined, such as ProFTP. PR1432727

  • The 40G/100G ports (inserted 40G into even port and inserted the following (odd) port into 100G) might be marked as down internally with rapid add/delete configuration multiple times on the interface. To fix the issue, configure both 40G/100G ports or all whole block 4 ports to unused and delete the unused port configuration. This should bring up the interfaces. An alternative workaround is to reboot the system, to recover the links to proper state. PR1442654

  • In dual stack mode(IPv4 and IPv6) configuration, separate MTU for IPv4 family and IPv6 family is not supported by platform. Customer need to configure same MTU for both IPv4 and IPv6, if not using default MTU. PR1447183

Network Management and Monitoring

  • Querying for entPhysicalEntryTable may result in an snmp-subagent crash. PR1425253

Routing Policy and Firewall Filters

  • This is new CLI. set firewall family ethernet-switching filter <filter-name> term <term-name> from source-port-match-optimize <port> set firewall family ethernet-switching filter <filter-name> term <term-name> from destination-port-match-optimize <port> Please document this PR1395131

Routing Protocols

  • the command "show pfe route summary" is not supported PR1405448

Software Installation and Upgrade

  • When software upgrade is performed wherein a set of components get upgraded, the customer may potentially notice that the versions of some other components change across the upgrade even though they were not really upgraded. There is no functional impact here and the the components that did not get upgraded for which the versions show up as changed, wont be impacted during the upgrade process. PR1422573

User Interface and Configuration

  • set date/time should invoke ntpdate to set the system time. ntpdate should be customized to work with Junos OS Evolved. PR1397699

  • Huge cmdd daemon anomalies seen when system is stressed with multiple events and when OCST is being used. PR1424050

  • Configd core is seen sometimes when MTU configuration is changed on the AE interface. PR1424326

  • IP is not getting assigned to the interface after delete and add interface PR1424442