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Open Issues


Learn about open issues in this release for the QFX5220. For the most complete and latest information about known Junos OS Evolved defects, use the Juniper Networks online Junos Problem Report Search application.


  • ICMP mib table is not implemented in Junos OS Evolved and as such SNMP walk/get on this table will not yield any values. PR1378659

  • picd and clksynced apps are not supported for ISSU upgrade on a QFX5220. To upgrade these apps, you need to reboot the system. PR1423150

  • After reboot, fan trays are not detected on the system if plugged in before 72 seconds. PR1426298

  • Arp learning rate is below expected rate of 500 in 19.2R1-EVO release. Enhancements in software to improve the learning will be available in next software releases. PR1428483

  • Linux kernel has this property, where if on an interface, if the primary IP is deleted, the secondary addresses get flushed. Sysctl is available to toggle this behavior, and promote the secondary addresses. PR1429460

  • The following XML tags are missing in Junos OS Evolved for the show pfe statistics traffic CLI: <pfe-fabric-input> <pfe-fabric-input-pps> <pfe-fabric-output> <pfe-fabric-output-pps> <tcp-header-error-discard> PR1430821

  • On the QFX5220 switch, LLDP neighbours are not formed if the interface does not have a family configuration associated with it. For example, the statement "set interface ge-0/0/0 unit 0" alone is not enough to have LLDP neighbours. The family configuration is also required. "set interface ge-0/0/0 unit 0 family inet" or "set interface ge-0/0/0 unit 0 family ethernet-switching" PR1433295

  • Additional and missing XML tags for Junos OS Evolved need to be documented. PR1433459

  • There are differences in xml tags for "show system storage" compared to Junos. PR1438092

  • There are differences in xml tags for "show system uptime" compared to Junos. PR1438094

  • Sapphire-128c: REV marked as "EV" or "V" with missing letters in show chassis hardward for QSFP28-100G-CU1M 740-061000 PR1439926

  • QFX5220-128C: The channelization ports might be marked as down or missing with rapid add/delete configuration multiple times on the interface. To fix the issue, configure all whole block 4 ports to unused and delete the unused ports. This should bring up the interfaces. PR1442657

  • Intermittently one or more channelized interfaces may not come up after a reboot. PR1446755

  • packets might get dropped or delayed for few minutes , counter might displayed as negative time in ping result after Insert optics or deleted unused commands... PR1450255

  • "show interfaces statistics" doesn't show updated FEC stats. Ethernet FEC Mode and all Ethernet FEC statistics show default values. PR1450948

Authentication and Access Control

  • The CLI "show system login lockout" will not display the locked out users. There is no functional impact. PR1175430

Class of Service (COS)

  • Validation checks will not be considered for Default Forwarding Class with no-loss config PR1439282

  • For the QFX5220-128C (L2 COS) and the PTX10003-160C (25 G), the "show class-of-service code-point-aliases <name> command doesn't display the specific code-point-alias name requested in the command. Instead, it displays all the code-point-aliases details. PR1443930

  • For the QFX5220-128C (L2 COS) and the PTX10003-160C (25 G), the "show class-of-service rewrite-rule type <type-name>" commands also display other rewrite types (just the rule name in one line). PR1444174

General Routing

  • The Junos OS Evolved output for the CLI "show LLDP neighbors" is different than in Junos OS. Some of the XML tags for the CLI "show lldp neighbors interface" and "show lldp" are missing. PR1430795


  • The following XML tags are missing in Junos OS Evolved for the show route forwarding-table CLI: <address-family>, <enabled-protocols>, <to>. PR1429413

Interfaces and Chassis

  • The show chassis in-service-upgrade and show chassis nonstop-upgrade cli commands are not applicable to this Junos Evolved release. PR1425575

  • For any event of DC PSM insertion or removal , snmp traps are not getting recorded PR1450037

Routing Protocols

  • QFX5220 supports 200 GRE ifl interfaces in this release. The scale will be uplifted to 2000 in upcoming releases. PR1418278

Software Installation and Upgrade

  • There are differences in the xml tags for the cli "show version" as compared to Junos. PR1429640