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Resolved Issues



  • Use the request system core-dump node <> app <> command to obtain an application live core dump. PR1392747

  • In AFT, the table names do not display properly in the show route summary. PR1407174

  • When multiple BGP session flaps happen in the system, the memory used for the evo-aftmand process increases gradually and is not released back to the system once the flaps stop happening. PR1409261

  • Traffic on ports may fail if you change the port speed or offline/online the PIC while traffic flowing through the ports. To recover, reboot the box. PR1416639

  • Interface hold up timers (which keep the interface up if the physical interface goes down for a time period smaller than the hold up timer) will work properly for timeouts only up to 4 sec. Timeouts larger than 4 sec may not work if the interface goes down due to optics Rx reporting down. PR1416669

  • Below transient alarm set/clear messages may be seen during the system bootup time. No functional impact. Alarm set message: Alarm set: RE color=red, class=CHASSIS, reason=Host 0 Ethernet Interface Link Down Alarm set: PWRZONE color=red, class=CHASSIS, reason=Zone 0 No Redundant Power Alarm set: PWRZONE color=yellow, class=CHASSIS, reason=Zone 0 N+2 Power redundancy missing Alarm cleared messages: Alarm cleared: RE color=red, class=CHASSIS, reason=Host 0 Ethernet Interface Link Down Alarm cleared: PWRZONE color=red, class=CHASSIS, reason=Zone 0 No Redundant Power Alarm cleared: PWRZONE color=yellow, class=CHASSIS, reason=Zone 0 N+2 Power redundancy missing PR1418111

  • If traffic is more than 85% and terms applied on PFE traffic is more than 1516 then PFE is not able to carry traffic and it drops to 0%. PR1424344

  • If an interface flap occurs, the IPv6 address configured on the management ethernet port may be deactivated. PR1425160

  • On continuous triggers of Deactivate /Activate Member Links of an AE bundle with SFLOW configured, evo-aftmand core may be observed, leading to a router reboot. PR1425914

  • If the SSH session under which 'monitor interface traffic' is being run is stopped, the iftop utility will stay at 100% CPU utilization. PR1426069

  • evo-aftmand core at jprds_encap_desc_add and router went for a reboot after continous triggers of MTU change and rollback PR1426270

  • On SIB Offline, Minor Alarm "SIB <> Not Online" will be generated. In this state, restarting the hardware application and then onlining the SIB, will not clear the Minor Alarm "SIB <> Not Online" PR1426406

  • sflowd core seen when few interface related operations are performed. PR1426902

  • ZTP file transfer will fail when using an FTP server that requires binary transfer mode to be explicitly defined, such as ProFTP. PR1432727

  • With this commit updated the trace level of some messages to correct level. PR1437555

  • Cmerror reporting for all FPCs in some cmerror infra CLIs is not working in Junos OS Evolved. Other FRUs also exhibit the same behavior. PR1439211

  • Under rare circumstances, an interface on PTX10003 may fail to come up because of continuous SerDes retunes. This can be detected by examining the "tune cnt" for the interface in "cli-pfe show picd serdes summary" command. The workaround is to disable the tune retry logic via command test picd channel fpc <fpc-slot> pic <pic-slot> port <port-num> chan <channel-num> cmd serdes-op-retry-logic-disable PR1439240

  • For INET6 family DSCP action is not supported for BGP Flowspec filters. If such a config is tried INET6 family filtering will not happen for BGP Flowspec rules. PR1439366

  • In case NSR is enabled in l3vpn scenarios, After restart routing. vpn table wouldn't be created PR1447435


  • The SSH and telnet servers are accessible via the management interface. However, these servers are not available from the WAN interfaces. PR1310556

  • Rebooting the PTX10003 during a broadcast storm on the management port may cause a fault on the PTX10003. PR1423216

  • If multiple interfaces are configured with IPv6 addresses, a server may fail to accept a connection made on an IPv6 link-local address (fe80::/64). PR1445177

Network Management and Monitoring

  • When snmpd is polled continously, snmpd/mib2d may restart due to memory leak. PR1424034

  • Querying for entPhysicalEntryTable may result in an snmp-subagent crash. PR1425253

Routing Policy and Firewall Filters

  • In PR 1430158 ASAN reported a global buffer overflow while running firewall unit tests. This issue is fixed and verified. PR1430158

User Interface and Configuration

  • set date/time should invoke ntpdate to set the system time. ntpdate should be customized to work with Junos OS Evolved. PR1397699

  • configd core is observed when scaling prefix list for S/A and DA address. PR1421793