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Appendix B: Enterprise-Specific MIBs for Junos OS Evolved on PTX10003 and QFX5220 Devices


Support for enterprise-specific MIBs for Junos OS Evolved—Starting in Junos OS Evolved Release 19.1R2, the enterprise-specific MIBs listed in Table 2 are supported. For information about enterprise-specific SNMP MIB objects, see the SNMP MIB Explorer.

Table 2: Enterprise-Specific MIBs Supported by Junos OS Evolved

Enterprise-Specific MIB




Provides support for monitoring BGP peer-received prefix counters. It is based upon similar objects in the MIB documented in Internet draft draft-ietf-idr-bgp4-mibv2-03.txt, Definitions of Managed Objects for the Fourth Version of BGP (BGP-4), Second Version.

No exceptions

Chassis MIBs

Provides support for environmental monitoring (power supply state, board voltages, fans, temperatures, and air flow) and inventory support for the chassis, System Control Board (SCB), System and Switch Board (SSB), Switching and Forwarding Module (SFM), Switch Fabric Board (SFB), Flexible PIC Concentrators (FPCs), and PICs.

Supported traps:

  • jnxFruInsertion

  • jnxFruRemoval

  • jnxFruPowerOn

  • jnxFruPowerOff

  • jnxFruOnline

  • jnxFruOffline

  • jnxFruFailed

  • jnxFruOK

  • jnxPowerSupplyFailure

  • jnxPowerSupplyOK

  • jnxPowerSupplyInputFailure

  • jnxPowerSupplyInputOK

  • jnxFanFailure

  • jnxFanOK

  • jnxOverTemperature

  • jnxTemperatureOK

Supported tables and objects:

  • jnxBoxClass

  • jnxBoxDescr

  • jnxBoxSerialNo

  • jnxBoxRevision

  • jnxBoxInstalled

  • jnxContentsLastChange

  • jnxContainersTable

  • jnxOperatingTable

  • jnxRedundancyTable

  • jnxContentsTable

  • jnxFilledTable

  • jnxFruTable

Class-of-Service MIB

Provides support for monitoring interface output queue statistics per interface and per forwarding class.

No exceptions

Host Resources MIB

Extends the hrStorageTable object, providing a measure of the usage of each file system on the router in percentage format. Previously, the objects in the hrStorageTable measured the usage in allocation units—hrStorageUsed and hrStorageAllocationUnits—only. Using the percentage measurement, you can more easily monitor and apply thresholds on usage.

Supported tables and objects:

  • hrStorageTable

  • jnxHrStorage

  • hrSWInstalledTable

  • hrSystemUptime

  • hrSystemDate

  • hrSystemInitialLoadDevice

  • hrSystemInitialLoadParameters

  • hrSystemNumUsers

  • hrSystemProcesses

  • hrSystemMaxProcesses

  • hrMemorySize

  • hrSWInstalledLastChange

  • hrSWInstalledLastUpdateTime

Interface MIB

Extends the standard ifTable (RFC 2863) with additional statistics and Juniper Networks enterprise-specific chassis information.

No exceptions


Provides additional IPv4 address information, supporting the assignment of identical IPv4 addresses to separate interfaces.

No exceptions

IPv6 and ICMPv6 MIB

Provides IPv6 and Internet Control Message Protocol version 6 (ICMPv6) statistics.

Unsupported objects

  • jnxIcmpv6GlobalStats branch and the objects under it


Provides LDP statistics and defines LDP label-switched path (LSP) notifications. LDP traps support only IPv4 standards.

No exceptions


Contains object definitions as described in RFC 3815, Definitions of Managed Objects for the Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), Label Distribution Protocol (LDP).

No exceptions


Provides MPLS information and defines MPLS notifications.

No exceptions


Provides information about RSVP-traffic engineering sessions that correspond to MPLS LSPs on transit routers in the service provider core network.

No exceptions

SFF Digital Optical Monitor MIB

Defines objects used for Digital Optical Monitor on interfaces of Juniper products.

Supported tables:

  • jnxDomCurrentTable

  • jnxDomModuleLaneTable


Provides monitoring for Layer 3 VPNs, Layer 2 VPNs, and virtual private LAN service (VPLS).

Unsupported objects

  • jnxVpnActiveVpns

  • jnxVpnConfiguredVpns