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Resolved Issues


This section lists the issues fixed in the Junos OS main release and the maintenance releases for the QFX Series.

For the most complete and latest information about known Junos OS defects, use the Juniper online Junos Problem Report Search application.

Resolved Issues: 17.4R2

Class of Service (CoS)

  • You cannot filter packets with DstIP as 224/4 and DST MAC = QFX_intf_mac on a loopback interface using a single match condition for source address PR1354377


  • Next hop installation error messages are seen on QFX10000 line switches. PR1258930

  • EVPN-VXLAN QFX10000: jprds_dlu_alpha_add : 222 JPRDS_DLU_ALPHA KHT addition failed. PR1258933

  • VXLAN-EVPN: IPv6 packet loss after a normal traffic run rate. PR1267830

  • Subinterfaces from the same physical port do not work if configured under the same VXLAN VLAN. PR1278761

  • For a VLAN with an IRB interface as the routing interface, set the vlan-id parameter to "none" to ensure proper traffic routing.PR1287557

  • QFX10000 VXLAN with MPLS underlay traffic loss is seen at the RSVP egress. PR1289666

  • VXLAN traffic loss is observed after deleting and adding VLANs. PR1318045

  • A core link flap might result in an inconsistent global MAC count. PR1328956

  • The partial multicast traffic might be dropped in an EVPN-VXLAN multi homing scenario with non-default virtual-switch/evpn routing-instance configured. PR1334408

  • The MAC movement between remote VTEP and local VTEP might cause traffic to be transmitted incorrectly in an EVPN-VXLAN scenario. PR1335431

  • Configuring encapsulate-inner-vlan on the partial VXLANs might cause traffic impact. PR1337953

  • In an EVPN-VXLAN environment, BFD flaps cause VTEP flaps and cause the Packet Forwarding Engine to crash. PR1339084

  • Rpd has unreproducible cored with scaling EVPN-VXLAN configuration on QFX10K platform. PR1339979

  • The rpd core might be seen if deleting the default switch in an EVPN-VXLAN environment. PR1342351

  • In an EVPN-VXLAN scenario, the traffic might get dropped as the core-facing interfaces goes down. PR1343515

  • Traffic might be lost on a Layer 2 and Layer 3 spine node in a multihome EVPN scenario. PR1355165

  • The QFX10000 might drop transited traffic coming from MPLS network to VXLAN/EVPN. PR1360159

  • Increased risk of a routing crash with temporary impact on traffic on QFX10000 or QFX5100 nodes with certain configuration changes or clearing L2 or L3 learning information in a high-scale EVPN-VXLAN configuration environment. PR1365257

  • Proxy ARP may not work as expected in an EVPN environment. PR1368911

  • QFX10k / Import default ipv6 route to VRF causes infinite entries to get created in 'evpn ip-prefix-database' and become unstable. PR1369166

High Availability (HA) and Resiliency

  • When igmp-snooping and bpdu-block-on-edge are enabled, IP protocol multicast traffic sourced by the kernel such as OSPF, VRRP, and so on gets dropped in the Packet Forwarding Engine level. PR1301773


  • QFX5100: Enabling mac-move-limit stops ping on flexible-vlan-tagging enabled interface. PR1357742

Interfaces and Chassis

  • Multicast data packets are looping in MC-LAG. PR1281646

  • Upgrading might encounter a commit failure if redundancy-group-id-list is not configured under ICCP. PR1311009

  • CVLANs range is 16, which might not pass traffic in a Q-in-Q scenario. PR1345994

  • MC-LAG peer doesn't send ARP request to the host. PR1360216

Layer 2 Ethernet Services

  • A jdhcpd core file is generated after making DHCP configuration changes. PR1324800

Layer 2 Features

  • Device transmits packets that exceed the interface MTU. PR1306724

  • NLB heartbeat packets might be dropped on a QFX10000. PR1322183

  • ARP entry might be learned on STP blocking ports. PR1324245

  • The DHCP discover packets might be looped in an MC-LAG and a DHCP-relay scenario. PR1325425

  • QFX5100: With multiple logical units configured on an interface, input-vlan-map POP is not removing outer VLAN-tag when Q-in-Q and VXLAN are involved. PR1331722

  • The operation of pushing a VLAN tag does not work for VXLAN local switching tunneled Q-in-Q traffic. PR1332346

  • Interface with flexible-vlan-tagging and family ethernet-switching does not work on a QFX10000. PR1337311


  • QFX5100: ISSU is not supported with an MPLS configuration. PR1264786

  • Traffic drop during a NSR switchover for RSVP P2MP provider tunnels used by MVPN . PR1293014

  • MPLS forwarding might not happen properly for some LSPs. PR1319379

  • The rpd process might crash on backup Routing Engine due to memory exhaustion. PR1328974

  • The hot standby for the L2 circuit does not work on a QFX5000. PR1329720

  • RSVP sessions go down for ingress LSPs with no-cspf enabled. PR1339916

  • LSP is not received by QFX5110. PR1351055

  • NO-propogate-TTL acts on MPLS Swap operation. PR1366804

  • LSP with auto-bandwidth enabled goes down during HMC error condition. PR1374102

Platform and Infrastructure

  • After upgrading the QFX5100 to Junos OS Release 16.1 or later from Junos OS Release 15.1, the commit warning /boot/ffp.cookie+ might be seen. PR1283917

  • SFP management Ethernet port C0 might not come up. PR1298876

  • Run-time pps statistics value might show zero for a subinterface of the aggregated Ethernet interface. PR1309485

  • Traffic loss might be seen if traffic is sent through the 40G interface. PR1309613

  • Some log messages are seen on the QFX5110 platform when plugging in an SFP-SX. PR1311279

  • One aggregated Ethernet member cannot send out sFlow sample packets. PR1311559

  • The FPC memory might be exhausted with SHEAF leak messages seen in the syslog. PR1311949

  • Traffic loss is observed while performing NSSU. PR1311977

  • A memory leak is seen for dot1xd. PR1313578

  • Some certain IGMP join packets cannot be processed correctly at a high rate. PR1314382

  • Transit traffic over a GRE tunnel might hit the CPU and trigger a DDoS violation on the L3 next hop. PR1315773

  • On an L2 next-generation switch platform (QFX5100/QFX10000), l2cpd might drop core files repeatedly if an interface is connected to a VoIP product with LLDP and LLDP-MED enabled. PR1317114

  • Packets such as TDLS without an IP header are looped between virtual gateways. PR1318382

  • The optic interface transmits power even after it has been administratively shutdown. PR1318997

  • The packet might be dropped between 4-60 seconds when the master Routing Engine is rebooted in a virtual chassis. PR1319146

  • Chassis MIB SNMP OIDs for VC-B member chassis are not available after MX-VC ISSU. PR1320370

  • The MAC address is stuck with "DR" flag on spine node even though packets are received on the interface from the source MAC. PR1320724

  • FPCs go offline in some situations. PR1321198

  • On the QFX10016 EVPN-VXLAN scaled testbed, it takes up to 3 minutes for traffic to converge when configured. PR1323042

  • The openflow session cannot be established correctly with controller and interface options configured on QFX5100 switches. PR1323273

  • Update new firmware versions for jfirmware package for 100G-PSM4 and 100G-AOC issues. PR1323321

  • EVPN Type 5: Unicast traffic is getting dropped on the backup forwarder. PR1323907

  • The next hop of _all_ces__ flood details might go missing. PR1324739

  • The GRE traffic is not decapsulated by the firewall filter. PR1325104

  • VLAN or VLAN bridge might not be added or deleted if there is an IFBD HW token limit exhaustion. PR1325217

  • ARP request packets might not be flooded on a QFX5110. PR1326022

  • The major alarm about 'Fan & PSU Airflow direction mismatch' might be seen by removing the management cable. PR1327561

  • Deleting one VXLAN might cause a traffic loop on another VXLAN in a multi homing EVPN-VXLAN scenario with a service provider style interface. PR1327978

  • QFX10002: Major alarm should be cleared once the chassis has more PEM units installed than the minimum PEM configuration. PR1327999

  • Directories and files under /var/db/scripts lose execution permission or directory 'jet' is missing under /var/db/scripts causing error: Invalid directory: No such file or directory error during commit. PR1328570

  • FAN tray removal or insertion trap is not generated for a backup FPC. PR1329031

  • The etherStatsCRCAlignErrors counters might disappear in the SNMP tree. PR1329713

  • After commit, members of Virtual Chassis or VCF are split and some members might get disconnected. PR1330132

  • An rpd process core file generated on a new backup Routing Engine at task_quit,task_terminate_timer_callback,task_timer_dispatch,task_scheduler after disabling NSR+GRES. PR1330750

  • The out of HMC range and HMC READ faild error messages are seen. PR1332251

  • Traffic does not pass through VCP ports after rebooting the Virtual Chassis members. PR1332515

  • EVPN-VXLAN: DF drops multicast traffic. PR1333069

  • On QFX10K8/QFX10K16 platforms, SIB LEDs on the fan tray are off after the replacement of the Fan Tray Controllers (FTC). PR1334006

  • The DHCPv6 SOLICIT message is dropped. PR1334680

  • AI-script does not get auto re-install upon a JUNOS upgrade on Next Generation-Routing Engine. PR1337028

  • The DF of an EVPN instance might flood all the ARP request back to the Ethernet Segment. PR1337275

  • On QFX5100 platforms, LR4 QSFP can take up to 15 min to come up after Virtual Chassis reboot. PR1337340

  • SNMP jnxBoxDescr OID returns different value when upgrading to Junos OS Release 17.2. PR1337798

  • On the QFX10000 platforms, VRRP function does not work well when it is configured on sub-interfaces. PR1338256

  • The traffic coming from the remote VTEP PE might be dropped. PR1338532

  • The analyzer status might show as down when port mirroring is configured to mirror packets from an aggregated Ethernet member. PR1338564

  • The VXLAN traffic might not be transmitted correctly with an IRB interface as the underlay interface of the VTEP tunnel. PR1338586

  • DDoS counters for OSPF might not increase. PR1339364

  • Multicast traffic drop is seen if downstream IRB interfaces have snooping enabled. PR1340003

  • On the QFX5200: there is an inconsistent result after using deactivate xxx command on ’pfc-priority’ and 'no-loss' context. PR1340012

  • L3 traffic is not getting converged properly upon disabling the ECMP link between spine and leaf with EVPN-VXLAN configurations. PR1343172

  • BPDU packets might get dropped and bpdu-block-on-edge might not work. PR1343330

  • Broadcast frames might be modified with the ethertype 0x8850. PR1343575

  • EVPN-VXLAN: VLAN with flexible-tag mode , the xe statistics appears to not be updated for ingress. PR1343746

  • LACP packets are getting dropped with native-vlan-id configured after reboot. PR1361054

  • QFX5000 Virtual-Chassis acting as EVPN-VxLAN ARP Proxy might cause ARP resolution to fail. PR1365699

  • Hashing does not work for the IPv6 packet encapsulated in VxLAN scenario. PR1368258

  • When native-vlan-id is configured for aggregated Ethernet LACP session to multihomed server goes down. PR1369424

  • A port might still work if it's deleted from an aggregated Ethernet interface. PR1372577

  • Implement the edit interfaces interface-name ether-options] configured-flow-control option for the QFX Series. PR1343917

  • For EVPN-VXLAN, the ARP packet uses VRRP/virtual-gateway MAC in an Ethernet header instead of an IRB MAC address. PR1344990

  • In the QFX5100, fan RPM fluctuates when temperature sensor reaches its threshold. PR1345181

  • FXPC process might generate a core file when removing VXLAN configuration. PR1345231

  • Backup Routing Engine might experience a crash, causing vmcore to be generated on master Routing Engine, master Routing Engine performance will not be affected. PR1346218

  • CPU and memory statistics not populating for the backup switch in a QFX5110 Virtual Chassis. PR1346268

  • An incorrect inner VLAN tag is sent from the QFX10000 platform with Q-in-Q configured on the Layer 3 sub interface. PR1346371

  • Statistics daemon pfed might generate core files on an upgrade between certain releases. PR1346925

  • On QFX5110 switches, a DCPFE core file might be generated after removing Type-5 tunnel in an EVPN-VXLAN configuration. PR1346980

  • A QFX5100-48T 10G interface might be auto negotiated at 100M speed instead of 10G. PR1347144

  • On QFX5110-48S-4C platforms, part numbers and serial numbers are not displayed for any of the 10G optics/DAC connected. PR1347634

  • The ARP might not update and packets might get dropped at the Routing Engine. PR1348029

  • On a QFX5100, a BGP session flaps when changes are made on the extended-vni-list under the EVPN hierarchy and if the BGP neighborship is through an IRB. PR1349600

  • QFX5100 40G port has an interoperability issue with some other vendors. PR1349664

  • Blackholing traffic with destination MAC matching the virtual gateway MAC might be seen. PR1348659

  • The pfed process might consume high CPU if subscriber or interface statistics are used at large scale. PR1351203

  • A DCPFE process might crash on QFX10000 switches. PR1351503

  • The GTP traffic might not be hashed correctly for an aggregated Ethernet interface. PR1351518

  • Telemetry traffic does not leave the local box when telemetry server is reachable via a VR routing-instance. PR1352593

  • QFX5100 arp fail after change interface MAC address. PR1353241

  • RPC output not showing failure when running request system software add with software already staged. PR1353466

  • SFP-LX10 on QFX5110 might fail to connect with another device. PR1353677

  • The alarm errors might be seen during the bootup on a QFX10000. PR1354582

  • Untagged packets might not be forwarded through the trunk port. PR1355338

  • Commit error observed if box is downgraded from from 18.2/18.3 release to 17.3R3. PR1355542

  • On QFX5110 platforms, LX10 SFP needs to be reinserted after autonegotiation is enabled or disabled. PR1355746

  • EVPN-VXLAN: the VXLAN traffic might be lost in EVPN type 2 and type 5 scenario. PR1355773

  • "Load averages" output under show chassis routing-engine shows "nan" periodically. PR1356676

  • The IGMP membership report packets might not be forwarded over an interface on a QFX10000. PR1360137

  • On QFX10k, virtual-gateway-address should be only configured on a irb interface associated with a vxlan VLAN. PR1360646

  • Unable to create QFX5200 VC w/100G DACs. PR1360721

  • The GTP traffic might not be hashed correctly on aggregated Ethernet interface. PR1361379

  • The clear services accounting statistics inline-jflow fpc-slot 0 command should be supported in QFX Series. PR1362396

  • QFX5100VC: Unable to connect management address through vme interface. PR1362437

  • On QFX10008, QFX10016, PTX1000, PTX5000, PTX10008, PTX10016 platforms, MPLS exp rewrite might not work for IPV6 and IPV4 traffic. PR1364391

  • Root password recovery process doesn't work. PR1365740

  • On QFX5100/QFX5110/QFX5200 platforms, ISIS adjacency goes down when mtu 9192 is configured. PR1368913

  • On QFX10000 platforms, before the 17.3R3 code, the maximum number of ESI IFLs was 4000 in the Packet Forwarding Engine. PR1371414

  • TPI-50840 BUM traffic received on 5110 is not flooded to all remote vteps. PR1373093

Routing Protocols

  • Observed mcsnoopd core file at __raise,abort,__task_quit__,task_quit,task_terminate_timer_callback,task_timer_dispatch,task_scheduler_internal (enable_slip_detector=true, no_exit=true) at ../../../../../../src/junos/lib/libjtask/base/task_scheduler.c:275 PR1305239

  • Packet drop is seen when programming for GRE traffic. PR1308438

  • Diffserv bits/ToS bits are not getting copied from Inner IP header to GRE header. PR1313311

  • Some of the IPv4 multicast routes in the Packet Forwarding Engine might fail to install and update. PR1320723

  • On the QFX5100, consistent hashing is not getting programmed. PR1322299

  • IS-IS Layer 2 hello packets are dropped when they come from another vendor’s device. PR1325436

  • The loopbacked IRB interface is not accessible to a remote network. PR1333019

  • The dcpfe process crash is seen in a route leak scenario on the QFX10000. PR1334714

  • The rpf-check-policy does not work as expected. PR1336909

  • Ping fails if MTU is different on the interfaces. DF is not working as expected. PR1345495

  • vrf-fallback on QFX5K is not supported in ALPM mode. PR1345501

  • On QFX10000 platforms, Netconf SSH TCP port 830 traffic hitting host path/unclassified queue. PR1345744

  • On QFX5100 platforms, parity errors in L3 IPv4 table in the Packet Forwarding Engine memory might cause traffic black holing. PR1364657

Software Installation and Upgrade

  • Commit may fail in single-user mode. PR1368986

Virtual Chassis

  • QFX-Virtual Chassis: Sometimes, the multicast packets are received 2x 3x times than expected. PR1306239

Resolved Issues: 17.4R1

Class of Service (CoS)

  • On QFX5100 switches, traffic might be dropped when there is more than one forwarding class under forwarding-class-sets. PR1255077

  • The transmit rate applied with forwarding-class-set does not work properly. PR1277497


  • On QFX5100 switches with EVPN-VXLAN deployed, broadcast and multicast traffic might not be sent to other switches through VTEP interfaces. PR1293163

  • On QFX10000 switches with EVPN deployed, packet corruption is seen with Packet Forward Engine trap code (129) egp.v4_chksum when sending L3 inter-VNI traffic with the underlay vlan-tagging inet interface. PR1295491

  • The dynamic routing protocols might not work correctly over the IRB interface in an EVPN-VXLAN scenario with ECMP. PR1301521

  • QFX5110-48S: L3 VPN traffic is dropped for some instances when EVPN-VXLAN configuration is removed and reapplied. PR1307590


  • FEC is disabled by default on 100G-LR optics for QFX5200 switches. PR1286389

  • The 1G copper module interface shows "Link-mode: Half-duplex" on QFX10000 line platforms. PR1286709

  • ULC-60S-6Q LC on QFX10008: The port becomes unusable after inserting a third-party SFP-T optic. PR1294394

  • Update new firmware versions for jfirmware package for 100G-PSM4 and 100G-AOC issues. PR1323321

High Availability (HA) and Resiliency

  • Normal VRRP MAC is triggering a MAC move, and logical interfaces on the BD are getting shut down. PR1285749


  • Create new command: "enable-tcp-nodelay" and allow flash sub-jobs to run for max quantum.PR1136167

  • Disabled 10-Gigabit Ethernet interfaces might stay up on QFX10000 line switches.PR1300775

  • The 40-Gigabit Ethernet connection between two QFX5100-24Qs might not come up sometimes. PR1178799

  • QFX10002 and QFX10008: BFD sessions over IRB interfaces with Junos OS Releases 17.1R1, 17.1R2, 17.2R1. and 17.3R1 are centralized. PR1284743

Interfaces and Chassis

  • Random interfaces do not come up after a line card is rebooted. PR1262839

  • Copper ports flap on QFX5100-48T when short-reach-mode is enabled. PR1248611

  • The 40-Gigabit Ethernet interface might flap between QFX5100 and other products. PR1273861

  • QFX10000-12C-DWDM: an ot- interface link flap is observed whenever an optics TCA alarm is raised; however, there is no LOS and no traffic loss is observed. PR1279351

  • On QFX5100 switches, an AE interface might flap upon commit if an explicit speed is configured on an AE member interface PR1284495

  • On QFX10000 line switches, the input and output rates for 10-Gigabit, 40-Gigabit, or 100-Gigabit Ethernet interfaces are not 0 if the interface is down. PR1291412

  • Traffic might not be received on a 1-Gigabit Ethernet interface if autonegotiation is disabled and speed/duplex is configured on both the QFX Series switch and the peer host. PR1292275

  • High heap memory utilization might be seen if multiple SFP-T optics are inserted or set interface <> link-mode full-duplex is enabled. PR1294208

  • The 40-Gigabit Ethernet interface might not come up if a specific vendor’s DAC cable is used. PR1296011

  • QFX10008/10016: Commit error is seen when configured with mixed speed. PR1301923

Junos Fusion Satellite Software

  • Native VLAN on an aggregated Ethernet interface terminated on multiple satellite devices. PR1305698

Layer 2 Features

  • To set up PTP BC forwarding on a QFX10002, configure routing on the interface or add a static ARP entry on the remote PTP device.PR1275327

  • Feature swap-swap might not work as expected in a Q-in-Q scenario. PR1297772

  • QFX5100 crashes and the fxcp process generates a core file. PR1306768


  • QFX10008 is dropping egress MPLS traffic, if the egress interface is an IRB with access L2 AE interface. PR1279827

Network Management and Monitoring

  • UFT for non-local member is not shown in the CLI. PR1243758

  • LAG interface input bytes counter continuously decreases when no packets come in. PR1266062

  • SNMP process is not running on QFX Series switches with incorrect source addresses. PR1285198

  • On QFX5100, an incorrect alarm type might be displayed. PR1291622

  • Previous learned MAC address from remote ESI cannot be changed to local. PR1303202

  • The sflow records are missing "extendedType ROUTER" fields as well as an outbound interface for traffic that is using BGP multipath. PR1303236

  • QFX5110-48S: digital optical monitoring statistics cannot be received through the CLI in Junos OS Releases 15.1X53 through 17.x. PR1305506

Platform and Infrastructure

  • A hostname synchronization issue occurs between the Junos OS VM instance and the Linux host in TVP platforms. PR1283710

  • The dexp process might crash after committing set system commit delta-export. PR1284788

  • The dcpfe process might crash and restart on MC-LAG active and standby nodes when there is ARP/NDP next-hop change. PR1299112

  • OSPFv3 authentication using IPsec SA does not work if you are using IPsec to authenticate OSPFv3 neighbors on some QFX Series platforms. PR1301428

Port Security

  • On QFX10000 switches, MACsec sessions are not coming up on a Layer 3 logical interface. PR1282995

  • Proxy-ARP and ARP suppression are not yet supported for the QFX10000 line. PR1293707

Routing Protocols

  • When the static link protection mode configured backup state is down, the primary port goes to down state instead of the secondary port, and the secondary remains in up state. PR1276156

  • Analytics JSON data format is reporting a incorrect value for 'rxbps' counter. PR1285434

  • On QFX5100 switches, if a term with the policer action is configured, dc-pfe: list_destroy() messages might be displayed on commit. PR1286209

  • GRE tunnel traffic does not switch over to the alternate path if the primary path to the tunnel destination changes. PR1287249

  • UDP traffic with destination port 520 and 521 is discarded on QFX5110 switches after a Junos OS upgrade. PR1287271

  • OVSDB and Openflow have some limitations on QFX5110, QFX5200, QFX10002. QFX10008, and QFX10016 switches running Junos OS Releases 17.1R1, 17.1R2, and 17.2R1. PR1288227

  • Storm-control flags are not set after a Routing Engine switchover. PR1290246

  • In a data center environment with EVPN-VXLAN and proxy MAC plus IP advertisement enabled on a Layer 3 gateway, the state for some MACs might be lost during MAC moves. PR1291118

  • QFX5110-32C: Routable ICMP packets get flooded on one of the newly provisioned 100 VXLAN IRB interfaces on a non-collapsed VXLAN L3 gateway (same IP, same MAC profile). PR1291406

  • The dcpfe process might crash after a period of idle time on QFX10000 switches. PR1294055

Software Licensing

  • VXLAN license might display as invalid if QFX-ADV-FEATURE-LIC is installed. PR1288916

Virtual Chassis

  • QFX5100 TVP: Not able to load TVP image on top of a non-TVP 5100 image while adding a QFX5100 switch to the Virtual Chassis. PR1248145

  • QFX5100: The ovsdb-server daemon failed to start. PR1288052

  • On QFX-5100, the fxpc process generates a core file. PR1294033

  • QFX5200: New apply group not applying to the Virtual Chassis after a reboot. PR1305520

VLAN Infrastructure

  • VLAN association is not being updated in the Ethernet switching table when the device is configured in single supplicant mode. PR1283880