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Resolved Issues


This section lists the issues fixed in the Junos OS main release and the maintenance releases for the PTX Series.

For the most complete and latest information about known Junos OS defects, use the Juniper Networks online Junos Problem Report Search application.

Resolved Issues: 17.4R2

General Routing

  • The commands restart na-grpc-server and restart na-mqtt for MTRE does not work. PR1284121

  • PTX1000s routers are periodically exporting IPFIX flow packets with high octet values. PR1286427

  • On a PTX1000, upgrade from Junos OS Release 16.1X65D45 to Junos OS Release 17.3-20170721 fails frequently on enabling sampling. PR1296533

  • Interfaces might go down when Packet Forwarding Engine encounters TOE::FATAL ERROR. PR1300716

  • On a PTX3000 platform, powering on a FPC (PTX-IPLC-B-32) card might cause the other FPC cards to reboot. PR1302304

  • Internal latency is high during the initial subscription of sensors. PR1303393

  • Repeated log message %PFE-3 fpcX expr_nh_index_tree_ifl_get and expr_nh_index_tree_ipaddr_get is observed when the sampling packet is discarded with a log(or syslog) configuration statement under the firewall filter. PR1304022

  • The “interface hold-time down" timer does not take effect on a PTX5000 with an optical interface. PR1307302

  • Packet Forwarding Engine error messages are flooding as expr_sensor_update_cntr_to_sid_tree after a deletion and rollback as protocols isis source-packet-routing node-segment . PR1309288

  • On a PTX10000, a suppress chassis alarm for switched off PEM is seen. PR1311574

  • The SIB LED on the FPD comes to GREEN-STEADY state even before an SIB comes online. PR1311632

  • PTX10000 router does not bounce FPC without warning or alarm for different port speed settings. PR1311875

  • The rpd process generates a core file after multiple session flaps on a scale setup. PR1312169

  • Many logs are generated after executing many VHclient related commands. PR1315128

  • Memory leak in chassisd daemon is noticed while streaming active telemetry subscriptions. PR1315672

  • The Packet Forwarding Engine on a PTX FPC3 or PTX10000 line card might be disabled if the interface connecting to the Packet Forwarding Engine goes down. PR1315823

  • The physical interfaces might generate framing errors when ports are connected to an odd interface. PR1317827

  • On MX0016 router, after Jack-out/Jack-in, FPCs shows up as "No-Power" for some time; FPC, however, comes up. PR1319156

  • There is no traffic flowing with IPv6 payload prefixes on PTX Series platform. PR1319273

  • PTX10000 routers for 100G LR4 optics with part number 740-061409 changes the display of the show chassis hardware command to QSFP-100G-LR4-T2. PR1322082

  • The rpd process might crash when the OpenConfig package is upgraded with JTI streaming data in the background. PR1322553

  • On Junos OS MPC7, MPC8, and MPC9, PTX-FPC3 (FPC-P1, FPC-P2), PTX3000-FPC3, and PTX1000 line cards might crash upon receipt of specific MPLS packet (CVE-2018-0030). PR1323069

  • On a PTX1000, the local time on an FPC might be different from the local time on a Junos-VM or VM-host. PR1325048

  • The GRE traffic is not decapsulated by the firewall filter. PR1325104

  • PTX Series routers MKA sessions are not coming up after changing CA parameters such as transmit-interval, and key-server-priority. PR1325392

  • MPLS traceroute fails across the PTX Series platform. PR1327609

  • On a PTX5000 with FPC3 line cards, on a PTX10000, and on PTX1000 platforms, output firewall filters that are configured with "syslog" and "discard" actions do not perform the "syslog" action. PR1328426

  • PTX10000 line card might reboot continuously after upgrading to Junos OS Release 17.2R1 or later if HMC BIST fails. PR1330618

  • There is a link instability after a link-down event on PTX Series routers. PR1330708

  • A PTX5000 FPC might reboot in certain rare scenarios when interface-specific policer is configured. PR1335161

  • The directory where the init and configuration files are stored are removed when request system zeroize is executed. Hence, the telemetry process does not start after the zeroize is done. PR1336004

  • A member of an IPv4 unilist next hop might get stuck in "Replaced" state after an interface flap. PR1336201

  • Disabling a breakout 10G port on interface et-0/0/5 will unexpectedly disable another breakout 10G port on interface et-0/0/5. PR1337975

  • FPC/FPC2/FPC E on a PTX Series does not forward traffic. PR1339524

  • The link goes down on a PTX3000. The PTX5000 with an FPC3 is inserted after the router reboots or the link flaps. PR1340612

  • The interface might flap continuously after reboot on PTX5000 and PTX3000 platform with P3-24-U-QSFP28 PIC. PR1342681

  • On a PTX1008, the 30-port coherent line card (DWDM-lC) does not come up. PR1344732

  • The FPC was rebooted a few minutes after loading the configuration. PR1346467

  • Sensors are not getting cleared up after doing Routing Engine switchover. PR1347779

  • MPLS traceroute for P2MP LSPs configured with link-protection causes FPC crash.PR1348314

  • The interface of 15 100G ports PIC might delay 60 seconds to come up. PR1357410

  • P2MP LSP replication traffic loss on an aggregated Ethernet bundle after a member link is down on PTX Series routers.PR1359974

  • The route stuck might be seen after BGP neighbor and route flapping. PR1362560

  • The traffic is still forwarded through the member link of an aggregated Ethernet bundle interface even with Link-Layer-Down flag set. PR1365263

  • On a PTX Series IPLC (OPT3-SFF-PTX FPC), a first J-UKERN crash triggers multiple secondary J-UKERN crashes. PR1365791

  • The commit or commit check might fail due to the error of cannot have lsp-cleanup-timer without lsp-provisioning. PR1368992


  • The ixlv interface statistics are not accounting properly. PR1313364

  • PTX Series routers might get to abnormal state because of the malfunction of the protection mechanism for the F-Label. PR1336207


  • Traffic drops during NSR switchover for RSVP P2MP provider tunnels used by MVPN. PR1293014

  • Traffic loss for static LSP configured with the stitch configuration statement. PR1307938

  • The rpd process might crash on the backup Routing Engine due to memory exhaustion. PR1328974

  • The rpd might crash with MPLS traceoption configured. PR1329459

  • MPLS LSP statistics are not shown in the CLI command. show mpls lsp ingress statistics. PR1344039

  • On PTX1000, PTX10000, or QFX10000 platform, when hybrid memory cube (HMC) error occurs, label switched paths (LSPs) might go down because of the incorrect bandwidth requested for auto-bandwidth adjustment. PR1374102

Platform and Infrastructure

  • Continuous log messages occur. For example, you see tftpd[23724]: Timeout #35593 on DATA block 85. PR1315682

  • Traffic black hole seen along with JPRDS_NH:jprds_nh_alloc(),651: JNH[0] failed to grab new region for NH messages. PR1349332

  • Traffic black hole seen along with JPRDS_NH:jprds_nh_alloc(),651: JNH[0] failed to grab new region for NH messages. PR1357707

Routing Protocols

  • With BGP LU FRR in an inter-AS scenario, a very high FRR time is visible once the link is up. PR1307258

  • The rpd process might constantly consume high CPU in a BGP setup. PR1315066

  • The primary path of an MPLS LSP might switch to another address. PR1316861

  • The rpd process might crash after deactivating the passive interface under IS-IS. PR1318180

  • The rpd process might crash continuously on both Routing Engines when backup-spf-options remote-backup-calculation is configured in an IS-IS protocol. PR1326899

  • The rpd process generates a core file at ispfc_incrementally_mend_one_postf_sp_tree (postf_spf_res=<optimized-out>, topo=<optimized-out>) at ../../../../../../../../src/junos/usr.sbin/rpd/lib/igp-spf-compute/igp_spf_compute_ti_lfa.c:3364" PTX1K. PR1339296

  • A protocol churn might lead the rpd process to crash. PR1341466

  • The rpd process generates a core file while running a streaming telemetry test. PR1347431


  • In a specific CE device environment in which asynchronous notification is used, after the link between the PE and CE devices goes up, the L2 circuit flaps repeatedly.PR1282875

Resolved Issues: 17.4R1

General Routing

  • PTX1000 : ch_get_product_attribute.324: Cannot find chassisd error message appears while loading image. PR1217505

  • The rpd might crash on platforms with 64-bit X86 RE if IPv6 is configured. PR1224376

  • On PTX Series platforms, chassisd thread is not getting CPU resources for 200 seconds and multiple chassisd core files are continuously generated. PR1226992

  • The "validation-state:unverified" routing entry might not be displayed with proper location when using the show route command. PR1254675

  • The routing protocol process (rpd) might crash after flapping BGP sessions and routes. PR1269327

  • 100Base-ER4 (740-045420) is displayed as “UNKNOWN” in show chassis hardware in Junos OS Release 15.1R5.5. PR1280089

  • FPC cards might go offline due to fabric healing in PTX3000 with SIB-SFF-PTX-240-S platform. PR1282983

  • “Host 0 RTC Battery failure" error messages are seen on PTX1000, QFX10000-series after upgrade to Junos version 16.1.PR1287128

  • The MPLS TTL might be reset to 255 on third-generation PTX Series FPCs if mpls no-propagate-ttl protocols configuration statement is configured. PR1287473

  • LSP traffic gets silently dropped or discarded after link goes down in bypass path. PR1291036

  • The rpd core file might be generated when restarting the process through CLI. PR1291110

  • Incorrect SNMP OID values are sent in SNMP traps for removal or insertion of front panel display on PTX Series routers. PR1294741

  • LINK LED is “RED” when the port is disabled on PTX Series routers.PR1294871

  • The rpd core might be generated after interface or BGP flapping.PR1294957

  • The chassisd process might run out of memory and restart on PTX1000 platform. PR1295691

  • PTX5K/SyncE (ESMC): clock is not getting locked if the source interface is a member link of an ae bundle. PR1296015

  • CoS escalation: Alarms and syslog errors are seen with priority strict-high on AF4 queue, on the oversubscription cases (1X100G egress to 1X10G egress setup). PR1297343

  • PE Chip: FATAL ERROR!! from pe0[0]: HMCIF: might trigger FPC crash or slow route/next-hop installation processing. PR1300180

  • PTX Series FPC3 will drop MPLS packets if its oif has inet MTU that is less than the MPLS packet size. PR1302256

  • Heap memory leak might be observed on PTX Series FPCs during a multicast route installation into the Packet Forwarding Engine. PR1302303

  • The third-generation FPC (FPC3-SFF-PTX) is not booting up on Control Board/Routing Engine systems. PR1303295

  • On PTX3000 and PTX5000 platforms, the 100G interfaces might not come up. PR1303324

  • If MPLS LSP self-ping is enabled (self-ping is enabled by default), kernel might panic with the error message Fatal trap 12: page fault while in kernel mode.PR1303798

  • PTX3000 with RCB-PTX Routing Engine might not be online or recognize IPLCs. PR1304124

  • The 10g interface might flap if it is set to 100g speed.PR1315079

  • The physical interfaces might generate framing errors when ports are connecting odd interfaces. PR1317827

  • The physical interfaces might generate framing errors when ports are connecting to odd interface. PR1317827

  • No traffic is flowing with IPV6 payload prefixes on PTX platform. PR1319273

  • PFT : RCB restarts continuously after executing request system reboot.PR1320977


  • The show system users CLI command output displays a larger number of users than that are actually using the router. PR1247546

Interfaces and Chassis

  • The interface might flap when performing Routing Engine switchover if the member link of an ae interface is configured with framing settings. PR1287547

  • 100-Gigabit Ethernet interfaces might not come up if otn-options laser-enable is configured on PTX Series platforms. PR1297164

  • LFM discovery state appears as Fault for aggregate Ethernet interface after GRES. PR1299534

Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS)

  • Stale RSVP LSP entry after NSR switchover and session is not refreshed. PR1292526

  • The rpd might crash if the MPLS LSP path change occurs. PR1295817

Platform and Infrastructure

  • Mgd generates core file when downgrading from Junos OS Release17.3-20170721 to 16.1X65D40.2. The mgd core is also overwritten if attempted multiple times. PR1296504

Routing Protocols

  • A few BFD sessions are flapping while coming up after FPC restart/reboot.PR1274941

  • The rpd generated core files multiple times when it received an “OPEN” message from an existing BGP peer. PR1299054

  • With BGP LU FRR in Inter-As scenario, a very high FRR time is seen once link is up. PR1307258

  • Assignment of SUB-TLV values for Segment routing TE policy SUB-TLVs. PR1315486