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Resolved Issues

This section lists the issues fixed in the Junos OS main release and the maintenance releases for Junos Fusion Enterprise.

For the most complete and latest information about known Junos OS defects, use the Juniper Networks online Junos Problem Report Search application.

Resolved Issues: 17.4R2

  • Mirrored packets are dropped if analyzer output extended port is reachable via the ICL link. PR1211123

  • In a Junos Fusion environment the satellite device displays U-boot on the LCD screen. PR1304784

  • In a Junos Fusion, a packet loss of 2-3 seconds is seen every 5 minutes. PR1320254

  • On Junos Fusion Enterprise, an SCPD core might be seen on an aggregation device when DACL on 802.1X-enabled port is installed on a single-homed satellite device. PR1328247

  • On Junos Fusion Enterprise, DHCP security binding entries are not synced after the FPC goes offline and comes back online. PR1332828

  • Issue with 802.1X re-authentication. PR1345365

  • A satellite device does not recover PoE after the device is offline for more than 10 minutes and rejoins the aggregation device. PR1356478

  • The Junos Fusion satellite device reboots after an automatic PoE firmware upgrade. PR1359065

  • The ppm-lite process might generate a core file on the Junos Fusion satellite devices. PR1364265

Resolved Issues: 17.4R1

  • On Junos Fusion Enterprise, traffic shaping is not supported on the extended ports. PR1268084

  • On a Junos Fusion Enterprise with dual aggregation devices (ADs), if you apply Routing Engine loopback filters and bring down the cascade port on one of the ADs, the satellite device (SD) on the AD where the cascade port is down goes to ProvSessDown due to a TCP session drop over the ICL interface. PR1275290

  • VRRP has a split-brain state in dual autodiscovery Junos Fusion. PR1293030

  • An aggregation device without a cascade port cannot reach hosts over ICL link if they are authenticated by 802.1X in a different VLAN than the default (manually assigned) VLAN. PR1298880

  • The 802.1X authentication might fail in a Junos Fusion setup. PR1299532

  • IPv6 multicast is not forwarded over an MC-LAG ICL interface until the interface is toggled. PR1301698

  • The l2ald process generates a core file with no apparent trigger. PR1302344

  • All 802.1X authentication sessions are removed when the AUTO ICCP link is disabled. PR1307588

  • The dot1x process might generate a core file in a Junos Fusion setup with dual aggregation devices.PR1303909

  • LACP aggregated Ethernet interfaces go to down state when performing commit synchronize. PR1314561