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Resolved Issues


This section lists the issues fixed in the Junos OS main release and the maintenance releases for the EX Series.

For the most complete and latest information about known Junos OS defects, use the Juniper Networks online Junos Problem Report Search application.

Resolved Issues: 17.4R2

Authentication and Access Control

  • Macsec statistics display output is not proper. PR1355339


  • The traffic might get dropped as the core-facing interface is down. PR1343515

  • Proxy ARP might not work as expected in an EVPN environment. PR1368911

High Availability (HA) and Resiliency

  • When igmp-snooping and bpdu-block-on-edge are enabled, IP protocol multicast traffic sourced by the kernel (such as OSPF, VRRP, and so on) gets dropped in the Packet Forwarding Engine level. PR1301773


  • Unable to provide management when em0 interface of FPC is connected to another FPC L2 interface of the same Virtual Chassis. PR1299385

  • The file system might be corrupted multiple times during an image upgrade or a commit operation. PR1317250

  • The upgrade might fail if bad blocks are in the flash/filesystem and corruption occurs. PR1317628

  • PFC feature might not work on an EX4600. PR1322439

  • ifinfo core files can be created on an EX4600 Virtual Chassis. PR1324326

  • There is support for archiving dmesg file /var/run/dmesg.boot.PR1327021

  • Enabling mac-move-limit stops ping on flexible-vlan-tagging enabled interface. PR1357742

  • The dot1x filter might be removed from the Packet Forwarding Engine when static-mac-address ages out or is learned by eswd. PR1335125

Interfaces and Chassis

  • An identical IP address can be configured on different logical interfaces from different physical interfaces in the same routing instance (including the master routing instance). PR1221993

  • An EX4300 Virtual Chassis LACP flap is observed after rebooting a master FPC with PDT configurations PR1301338

  • The interface might not work properly after FPC restarts. PR1329896

  • The MAC address assigned to an aggregated Ethernet member interface is not the same as that of its parent aggregated Ethernet interface upon master node removal. PR1333734

  • An EX4600 MC-lAG is observed after the reboot of a VRRP master and backup There are also black holes in traffic to downstream switches. PR1345316

Platform and Infrastructure

  • After access is rejected, the dot1x process might crash due to a memory leak. PR1160059

  • The mismatch of VLAN-ID between an interface IFL and VLAN configuration might result in a traffic black hole. PR1259310

  • MACsec session cannot be recovered after physically flapping one link of an aggregated Ethernet. PR1283314

  • Performing load replace terminal and attempting to replace the interface stanza might terminate the current CLI session and leave the user session hanging. PR1293587

  • You might observe some eswd core files if apply-groups is configured under interface-range. PR1300709

  • Multicast receiver connected to EX4300 might not be able to get the multicast streaming. PR1308269

  • Traceroute is not working in an EX9200 device for routing instances running on Junos OS Release 17.1R3. PR1310615

  • Autonegotiation is not working as expected between an EX4300 and an SRX5800. PR1311458

  • Traffic loss is observed while performing NSSU. PR1311977

  • IGMP snooping might not learn a multicast router interface dynamically. PR1312128

  • PEM alarms and I2C failures are observed on EX9200 Series. PR1312336

  • The DHCP-security binding table might not get updated. PR1312670

  • Traffic going through an aggregated Ethernet interface might be dropped if there is a mastership change. PR1327578

  • A memory leak is seen for dot1xd. PR1313578

  • The Fan speed might frequently fluctuate between normal and full for MX Series platform. PR1316192

  • The interface with 1G SFP might go down if no-auto-negotiation is configured. PR1315668

  • Replace the show vlans evpn command to the show ethernet-switching evpn command for the EX9200 line of switches.. PR1316272

  • IGMPv3 on EX4300 does not have the correct outgoing interfaces in the Packet Forwarding Engine that are listed in the kernel. PR1317141

  • The L2cpd core files might be seen if the interface is disabled under VSTP and enabled under RSTP. PR1317908

  • The vmcore might be seen and the device might reboot after the ICL is changed from an aggregated Ethernet to a physical interface. PR1318929

  • High latency might be observed between a master Routing Engine and another FPC. PR1319795

  • VLAN might not be processed, which leads to improper STP convergence. PR1320719

  • Multicast traffic might not be forwarded to one of the receivers. PR1323499

  • MAC learning issue and new VLANs creation failure might happen for some VLANs on an EX4300 platform. PR1325816

  • The L2cpd might create a core file. PR1325917

  • Extra EAP request packets might be sent unnecessarily. PR1328390

  • EX4300 crashes when it receives more than 120kpps ARPs on me0 interface. PR1329430

  • EX Series switches do not send RADIUS request after modifying the interface-range configuration. PR1326442

  • The major alarm Fan & PSU Airflow direction mismatch might be seen by removing the management cable. PR1327561

  • The SNMP trap message is always sent out with log about Fan/Blower OK on an EX4300 Virtual Chassis switch. PR1329507

  • When exhausting a TCAM table, the filter might be incorrectly programmed. PR1330148

  • The Rpd process crashed and generated core files on the new backup Routing Engine at task_quit,task_terminate_timer_callback,task_timer_dispatch,task_scheduler after disabling NSR and GRES. PR1330750

  • The dot1xd might crash if ports in multi-supplicant mode flaps. PR1332957

  • The interface on which the VSTP is disabled by CLI might stay in the Discarding state after rebooting the device. PR1333684

  • STP BPDUs are not sent out on the other active child when the anchor FPC has no active child. PR1333872

  • MQSS errors and alarms might occur when the interface goes down. PR1334928

  • EX9208: vstp vlan all statement has created L2CPD core files are generated during Routing Engine switchover or commit. PR1341246

  • EX4300 storm control does not generate any action log after adding an RTG configuration. PR1335256

  • IGMP packets are forwarded out of an RTG backup interface. PR1335733

  • An L2cpd memory leak appears on EX Series platforms with VoIP configured. PR1337347

  • The show spanning-tree statistics bridge command output gives 0 for all VLAN instance IDs. PR1337891

  • MAC source address filter with the configuration statement accept-source-mac. does not work if MAC move limit is configured. PR1341520

  • MSTP might not work normally after permitting a commit. PR1342900

  • The filter might not be programmed in the Packet Forwarding Engine even though TCAM entries are available. PR1345296

  • Statistics daemon PFED might generate core files on an upgrade between certain releases. PR1346925

  • After the EX9200 FPC comes online, the other FPC CPU might use 100 percent and has traffic loss for about 30 seconds. PR1346949

  • On EX4300 or EX4600 switches the VLAN translation feature does not work for the control plane traffic. PR1348094

  • On EX4300 platforms, traffic drop might happen if LLC packets are received with DSAP and SSAP as 0x88 and 0x8e. PR1348618

  • Running RSI via console port might cause system crash and reboot. PR1349332

  • EX4600 detects a LATENCY OVER-THRESHOLD event with the incorrect value. PR1348749

  • Commit error observed if box is downgraded from Junos OS 18.2/18.3 release to Junos OS Release 17.3R3. PR1355542

  • On EX4300 platforms (Virtual Chassis and standalone) running Junos OS Release 16.1R5 or Junos OS Release 16.1R6, a firewall filter with a syslog option is unable to send syslog messages to the syslog server. PR1351548

  • A high usage chassis alarm in "/var" does not clear from the EX4300 Virtual Chassis when a file is copied from fpc1 (master) to fpc0 (backup). PR1354007

  • The ports using an SFP-T transceiver might still be up after system halt. PR1354857

  • EX4300-48MP: Dot1x protocol subsystem is taking long time to respond to management requests with the error the dot1x-protocol subsystem is not responding to management requests. PR1361398

  • The FPC might crash due to the memory leak caused by the VTEP traffic. PR1356279

  • Some interfaces cannot be added under STP configuration. PR1363625

  • On EX4300/EX4600 platforms, the l2ald process might crash in dot1x scenario. PR1363964

  • Packet Forwarding Engine might crash if encountering frequent MAC move. PR1367141

  • The request system zeroize non-interactively might not erase the configuration on EX4300. PR1368452

Routing Protocols

  • Observed mcsnoopd core file at __raise,abort,__task_quit__,task_quit,task_terminate_timer_callback,task_timer_dispatch,task_scheduler_internal (enable_slip_detector=true, no_exit=true) at ../../../../../../src/junos/lib/libjtask/base/task_scheduler.c:275.PR1305239

  • OSPF routes cannot be installed on the routing table until the lsa-refresh timer expires. PR1316348

  • BGP peer is not established after a Routing Engine switchover when graceful-restart and BFD are enabled. PR1324475

  • The igmp-snooping might be enabled unexpectedly. PR1327048

Resolved Issues: 17.4R1

Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA)

  • Dot1x crash on EX4300 can occur when traffic is flooded while a VLAN configuration commit is in progress PR1293011

Class of Service (CoS)

  • On EX4300 or EX4600, traffic might be dropped when there is more than one forwarding-class under forwarding-class-sets. PR1255077


  • An l2ald crash occurs with no apparent trigger. PR1302344


  • EX4300 aggregated Ethernet interface goes down when interface member VLAN is PVLAN and LACP is enabled. PR1264268

Junos Fusion Enterprise

  • CoS shaping is not happening properly according to the configured shaping rate. PR1268084

  • Request chassis satellite beacon functionality to specific SD is not working, causing all the SDs to enable the beacon LED. PR1272956

  • On Dual-AD JFE setup, while applying Routing Engine lo0 filters and setting the cascade port down on AD2, the SD goes to "ProvSessionDown" on that AD2 while it stays online on AD1. PR1275290

  • Issues are seen during conversion from Junos OS release to SNOS. PR1289809

  • VRRP has a split-brain in dual autodiscovery Junos Fusion. PR1293030

  • AD without cascade port cannot reach hosts over ICL link if they are authenticated by dot1x in a different VLAN than the default (manually assigned) VLAN. PR1298880

  • The dot1x authentication might fail in a Junos Fusion setup. PR1299532

  • IPv6 multicast is not forwarded over MC-LAG ICL interface until interface toggle. PR1301698

  • Dot1x might crash in a Junos Fusion setup with dual AD. PR1303909

  • All the dot1x sessions are removed when AUTO ICCP link is disabled. PR1307588

  • LACP aggregated Ethernet interfaces go to a down state when performing commit synchronize. PR1314561

Layer 2 Features

  • Feature swap-swap might not work as expected in Q-in-Q scenario. PR1297772

Network Management and Monitoring

  • The show snmp mib walk command used for jnxMIMstMstiPortState does not display anything in Junos OS Release 17.1R2 on the EX4600 platform. PR1305281

Platform and Infrastructure

  • Layer 3 protocol packets are not being sent out from the switch. PR1226976

  • PXE unicast ACK packets are dropped on EX4300. PR1230096

  • The EOAM LFM adjacency on EX9200 might flap when the unrelated MIC that is in the same MPC slot is brought online. PR1253102

  • The interface-range command cannot be used to set speed and autonegotiation properties for a group of interfaces. PR1258851

  • On EX4300 Virtual Chassis, a 10-Gigabit Ethernet VCP might not get a neighbor after a system reboot. PR1261363

  • CPU utilization for pfex_junos usage might go high if DHCP relay packets are coming continually. PR1276995

  • On EX4300 some functions of IPv6 Router Advertisement Guard do not work. PR1294260

  • ERROR: /dev/da0s1a is not a JUNOS snapshot is seen during system startup. PR1297888

  • On EX4300 switches, when unknown unicast ICMP packets are received by an interface, packets are routed, so TTL is decremented. PR1302070

  • On EX4300 Virtual Chassis, the FRU PSU removal and insertion traps are not generated for master or backup FPCs. PR1302729

Port Security

  • MACsec might not work on a 10-Gigabit Ethernet interface after the switch is rebooted. PR1276730

User Interface and Configuration

  • On EX4300, J-Web allows configuration of source-address-filter. PR1281290

Virtual Chassis

  • On EX4300 FRU removal/insertion trap not generated for non-master (backup/line card) FPCs. PR1293820

VLAN Infrastructure

  • VLAN association is not being updated in the Ethernet switching table when the device is configured in single supplicant mode. PR1283880