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Resolved Issues


This section lists the issues fixed in the Junos OS main release and the maintenance releases.

For the most complete and latest information about known Junos OS defects, use the Juniper online Junos Problem Report Search application.

Resolved Issues: 17.2R2

Class of Service (CoS)

  • On QFX5100, EX4300, or EX4600, traffic might be dropped when there is more than one forwarding class under the [forwarding-class-sets] hierarchy. PR1255077

  • Storm control might not be programmed correctly in the Packet Forwarding Engine if it is applied with a port-speed configuration in a single commit. PR1255562

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)

  • DHCP reply packets are not relayed by the DHCP relay when there is a GRE tunnel. PR1198982


  • Route target per bridge domain for EVPN is not supported. PR1244956

General Routing

  • QFX100002 and QFX5110 generated an L2ALD core file for an unknown reason at: l2ald_mac_process_update_fwd_entry_mask , l2ald_mclag_update_change_for_learn_mask , logging , vlogging , vlogging_event. PR1264432

  • The jdhcpd process might crash and DHCP does not work if scaling prefixes are configured under the [policy-options prefix-list *] hierarchy. PR1272646

  • The l2ald memory might leak for every IPv6 ND message it receives from peer MC-LAG and it is not freeing the memory allocated. PR1277203

  • Multicast Listener Discovery (MLD) messages are seen continuously on QFX switches if the management ports are connected through a network. PR1277618

  • Analytics json data format reporting incorrect value for 'rxbps' counter. PR1285434

  • OVSDB and Openflow are caveated for QFX 5110, 5200, 10002, 10008, 10016 platforms in Junos OS Release 17.1R1, 17.1R2, and 17.2R1. PR1288227

  • DCPFE might crash and restart on MC-LAG active and standby node when ARP/NDP next-hop change. PR1299112


  • ULC-60S-6Q LC on QFX10008: the port becomes unusable after inserting non Juniper SFP-T optic. PR1294394


  • On QFX10000 switches, match "pps"} O/P is not returning any values and sometimes it is completely stuck. PR1250328

  • Disabled 10G interfaces might stay up on QFX10000 switches. PR1300775

Interfaces and Chassis

  • The traffic might be dropped in some rare conditions. PR1241297

  • FPC Major Alarm might be seen with error messages "DLU: ilp memory cache error" & "DLU: ilp prot1 detected_imem_even error". PR1251154

  • QFX5110: MC-LAG VRRP: Multicast traffic is not forwarded to MC-ae interface after deactivating and reactivating that interface. PR1257586

  • Interfaces do not come up randomly after a line card rebooted. PR1262839

  • Description for 40G-AOC cable in show chassis hardware shows UNKNOWN. PR1269018

  • The 40G interface might flap between QFX5100 and other product. PR1273861

  • QFX10000: Observed ot- link flap whenever an optics tca alarm is raised, but there is no loss of service and no traffic loss observed. PR1279351

  • MAC pause frames might increase when SXE interfaces are erroneously configured. PR1281123

  • Traffic might not be received on a 1G interface if autonegotiation is disabled and speed/duplex is configured on QFX and peer end. PR1292275

  • High heap memory utilization might be seen if multiple SFP-T optics are inserted or set interface <> link-mode full-duplex is enabled. PR1294208

Junos Fusion Provider Edge

  • In a dual access device scenario, when you disable a cascade port, the extended port physical interfaces are marked as being down. PR1232924

Junos Fusion Satellite Software

  • Native VLAN on an aggregated Ethernet interface terminated on multiple satellite devices. PR1305698

Layer 2 Features

  • Action-shutdown in storm-control does not bring physical interface down. PR1240845

  • Packets are getting dropped if outer TPID is set with 0x9100. PR1267178

Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS)

  • Resolving static LSPs next hops. PR1259238

  • QFX5110 MPLS: dcpfe core noticed during the MPLS ingress and egress scale tests. PR1263201

Platform and Infrastructure

  • Dropping the TCP RST packet incorrectly on PFE might cause traffic drop. PR1269202

Routing Protocols

  • After running restart routing in the master Routing Engine, the PIM join states of VXLAN multicast groups in the backup Routing Engine are not in sync with the master Routing Engine. PR1255480

  • BGP session failed to establish over IPv6 link-local address. PR1267565

  • IPv4 traffic drops when changing the member interface of the LAG. PR1270011

  • The fxpc process might crash and restart when the fxpc process tries to access already freed up memory. PR1271825

  • GRE tunnel traffic doesn't switch over to the alternate path if the primary path to tunnel destination changes. PR1287249

  • UDP traffic with destination port 520 and 521 is discarded on QFX5110 switches after a Junos OS upgrade. PR1287271

Software Installation and Upgrade

  • When upgrading from 15.1X53-D62 to 17.1R1 or 17.2R1, protocols evpn vni-options vni vrf-target configuration is missing and customer needs to add the missing configuration. PR1243105

Virtual Chassis

  • When you add a QFX5100 switch to the VCF, the following error message is seen: ?ch_opus_map_alarm_id alarm ignored: object 0x7e reason?. PR1234780

  • VCF - NSSU : the next member/group begin to reboot before the previous one ready caused service down PR1272240

VLAN Infrastructure

  • VLAN association is not being updated in the Ethernet switching table when the device is configured in single supplicant mode. PR1283880

Resolved Issues: 17.2R1

General Routing

  • DHCP Reply packets are not relayed by the DHCP Relay when there is a GRE tunnel. PR1198982

  • On QFX10008 and QFX10016-60x10G ULC 1G mode is not supported in Junos OS Release 17.1R1. PR1239091

  • sFlow may show a negative count for a number of samples after a long run. PR1244080

  • On QFX5100, show interface incorrectly displays an interface as 'Link-mode: Auto Speed: Auto' even though the interface is configured for, and up at, 100M/Full. PR1260986

  • On QFX5200, the error log ifd ifd-number; does not exist might appear during an SNMP query and the SNMP query might be delayed. PR1263794

  • QFX5100 VCF: Removing force-up causes return-traffic to be dropped by leaf (to spine). PR1264650

  • Description for 40G-AOC cable in show chassis hardware shows UNKNOWN. PR1269018

Layer 2 Features

  • If RTG and VSTP are configured on the same VLAN, communication doesn't work over RTG interfaces. PR1230750

  • On QFX10000 Series switches, in a multichassis link aggregation (MC-LAG) scenario, single-homed link (S-Link) MAC might not be learned before the MAC timeout on remote MC-LAG peer. PR1260316

  • Flexible tagged LAG interface might go down when configuring native VLAN. PR1262529

  • The QFX5100, QFX5110, and QFX5200 switches do not transfer BPDU packets though xSTP is disabled. PR1262847

Routing Protocols

  • VCF does not forward BUM after fabric-tree-root is configured. PR1257984

  • IPv4 traffic drops when changing the member interface of the LAG. PR1270011