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Resolved Issues


This section lists the issues fixed in the Junos OS main release and the maintenance releases. The identifier following the description is the tracking number in the Juniper Networks Problem Report (PR) tracking system.

For the most complete and latest information about known Junos OS defects, use the Juniper Networks online Junos Problem Report Search application.

Resolved Issues: 17.2R2

General Routing

  • The request vmhost zeroize and request vmhost zeroize both commands might work only on the local Routing Engine. PR1197152

  • User-configured TPID is not being applied on a single-tagged VLAN interface. PR1237687

  • An FPC major alarm might be seen with the error messages DLU: ilp memory cache error and DLU: ilp prot1 detected_imem_even error. PR1251154

  • PTX1000 does not match an outer tag if an inner tag exists. PR1252443

  • The kernel log message mastership: sent other Routing Engine mastership loss signal might be printed on the backup Routing Engine of the PTX5000 router. PR1260884

  • Sometimes SDN-Telemetry subsystem does not respond to management requests while issuing show agent sensors. PR1266058

  • Graceful restart for FPC is provided on PTX1000. PR1266097

  • SPMB ukern panics during ASIC error recovery. PR1268253

  • The log message sdk-vmmd: %USER-3: is_platform_Next-Gen RE: Platform found as Next-Gen RE is logged with error severity. PR1271134

  • MPLS TTL is reset to 255 on third generation PTX FPCs when the protocols mpls no-propagate-ttl command is configured. PR1287473


  • The show system users CLI output displays more users that are not using the router. PR1247546

Layer 2 Ethernet Services

  • Messages l2cpd[2486]: task_connect: task MVRP l2ald ipc./var/run/l2ald_control addr /var/run/l2ald_control: No such file or directory is filling up syslog. PR1278189


  • The rpd might crash if the MPLS LSP path changes. PR1295817

Routing Protocols

  • The rpd might crash on platforms with 64-bit X86 Routing Engine, if IPv6 is configured. PR1224376

Resolved Issues: 17.2R1

General Routing

  • Junos Telementry Interface: Frequent disconnects are seen in MQTT when the IFL sensor is provisioned for a longer duration. PR1238803

  • On PTX Series platform, add 'set' parameter (optional) to CLI command request system software add. It provides a way to install multiple software packages and software add-on packages at the same time. PR1246675

  • 10GE mode interfaces from QSFP28 PIC might not come up after a system reboot or PIC restart. PR1263413

  • The incorrect range of voltages is used for proper PE voltages. PR1263675


  • The rpd process generates a core file when terminating if there are a large number of RSVP LSPs. PR1257367